happiness habits jars ensure every day begins with positivity

Happiness Habits Jars Ensure Each Day Begins With Positivity

If dragging the duvet away each morning is becoming an increasingly impossible task, it’s time to act. The Happiness Habits Jar collection is guaranteed to spark positivity into each day. These jars of encouragement and happiness are masters of well-being. With 30 days of kindness, mindfulness, and motivational support, you can’t help but feel the positivity flow into your life.

Adbra’s hugely popular Happiness Habits Jars are designed to help you form lasting positive habits and maintain optimal well-being. Each jar is lovingly handmade in the UK.  There are 7 types of jars from which to choose. Discover mini-activities for self-improvement and inspirational quotes for some much-needed encouragement. A positive mindset and optimal well-being inside every jar!

The Happiness Habits Jars Collection by adbra:

Happiness habits JArs ensure every day begins with positivity
Credit: adbra

Journalling NEW, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk Including a month of journalling prompts to evoke inspiration and peace of mind.

Self-kindness NEW, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk: The most effective and fastest route to regaining self-confidence and restoring self-worth.

Motivation NEW, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk Offers 30 days of motivational messages, certain to bring support for achieving your goals.

Mindfulness, £12.50, www.adbra.co.ukFor those who may feel stressed or struggle to reconnect. These mindfulness challenges will put you back on track.

Positive Affirmations, £12.50, www.adbra.co.ukTo diminish the negativity and draw positivity into your life, these gentle messages will encourage and inspire.

Sustainability, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk Looking for ways to be more eco-friendly? The jar includes 30 challenges for making a positive impact on our world.

Friendship, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk Why not gift this jar to your bestie? Inside find 30 thoughtful challenges that focus on friendship and connection.

We felt honoured to review the Self-Kindness Jar

SELF-KINDNESS JAR | A Month of Self-Kindness, £12.50, www.adbra.co.uk

happiness habits jars ensure each day begins with positivity
Credit: adbra

Self-kindness is the foundation of a happy life. Without it, nothing positive can truly thrive. This is a must-have present for anyone who needs to be a bit kinder to themselves. Packed with self-kindness challenges to help you to reprioritise and practice self-care – these wonderful cards are the ultimate well-being gift.

Included are messages such as, “LAUGHING- Watch something funny. If you feel like it, allow yourself to laugh until your tummy aches.”

Such a simple yet highly effective tool to help you begin each day with positive vibes. The little prompts are a gentle reminder of how important you are. These amazing cards make a real difference to each day.  We couldn’t love this more!

The Happiness Habits Jars are priced at £12 and are available to buy at www.adbra.co.uk

Better yet, each sale contributes towards the humanitarian projects adbra support.


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