treat scars and stretch marks with kelo-cote

Phase Out Scars And Welcome Back Confidence With KELO-COTE® Scar Gel

Anyone who undergoes a C-section or surgery will understand how scars can affect confidence. KELO-COTE® Scar Gel is the go-to treatment for improving their appearance. KELO-COTE® is the UK’s #1 solution for scar and stretch mark concerns. It is clinically proven to effectively reduce the visibility of both new and established scars. If your confidence has taken a knock, read on to see how KELO-COTE® can help:

What is KELO-COTE® Scar Gel and What Does it Treat?

phase out scars and welcome back confidence with kelo-cote scar gel
Credit: Kelo-Cote

KELO-COTE® is a silicone treatment designed to improve existing keloid or hypertrophic scars. Additionally, the formula can prevent the formation of scars.

Better yet, this gel is effective on scars caused by burns and trauma too! KELO-COTE® is frequently recommended by dermatologists and healthcare professionals.

How Does KELO-COTE® Work?

Phase out scars and welcome back confidence with kelo-cote scar gel
Credit: Kel-Cote

Clinical studies show the silicone gel slows trans-epidermal water loss and fibroblast production. It works its magic by creating a protective skin-like layer.

Cross-linked, long-chain polymers provide a breathable, super-thin layer. Undeniably effective, it acts just like silicone sheets. The formula gets to work to flatten, soften and reduce redness.


Studies show that:

In 82% of patients, the appearance of existing scars was improved.

67% of surgery patients found abnormal scarring was prohibited. Results were after 4 months of use!

The formula can treat scars that are up to 4 years old.

KELO-COTE®Scar Gel is priced at £18.59 (15g) and is available to buy from and Superdrug.

KELO-COTE® Scar Gel UV SPF30, £22.99 (15g),

phase out scars and welcome back confidence with kelo-cote
Credit: Kelo-Cote

For added SPF protection (due to scars lacking melanin)

KELO-COTE® Scar Spray, £30 (100 ml),

For burn scars that are too painful to touch

N.B: Ensure you buy the correct product size for optimal results.


Apply twice per day for at least 60-90 days.

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