Earthy NAils are the blue beauty brand everyone needs to know

Earthy Nails Are The Blue Beauty Brand Everyone Needs To Know

Blue beauty is all about being as sustainable as possible for our planet. One new beauty brand that everyone needs to know about, is Earthy Nails. Embracing the blue beauty trend, this eco-friendly nail polish company has a super-worthy mission.

Their aim is to provide amazing planet-friendly products, made from bio-sourced materials that won’t harm your nails – and they are excelling!  The Earthy Nails polishes are exceptionally high-quality. They have minimal impact on the planet and do not damage the nails. Even better, they are undeniably beautiful to wear! Our review of Earthy Nail polishes has left us seriously impressed. Read all about what makes Earthy Nails a must-have polish for those who support blue beauty goals.

Earthy Nails Key Points:

New Arrival: Flamingo Pink Polish, £7.99,


Earthy NAils are the blue beauty brand everyone needs to know

1.Bamboo Cap

Earthy Nails have developed an innovative bamboo cap that seals the bottle, ensuring the product’s longevity. Furthermore, it gets rid of the unsustainable plastic cap that is usually found on nail polishes.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable alternative. Comprised from grass, it will self-regenerate in 4 months. It also contains natural antibacterial elements.

2.Earthy Nails Achieve Sustainable Production

Pearls of Wisdom Polish, £7.99,

Earthy Nail sustainable living

Earthy Nails are proud to announce that all their polishes and treatments are made with a platinum 2020 Ecovadis Sustainability rating.

They have removed all plastic inner and outer production packaging.

Excess packaging removed

97% of hazardous raw materials and 83% of total waste are recycled.

100% of industrial wastewaters are treated

A limited level of VOC emissions as well as optimised extraction, lessening the impact on the environment.

3. Formula

21 Free (From Harmful Ingredients Often Found)

79% Natural Origin

83% Bio-Sourced

Certified to ISO 16128

Rich in Calcium and Magnesium – To Support Your Nail Health

Ultra-Long Wear

Improved Nail Condition

100% Acetone & Acetate Free


Cruelty-Free and Vegan

High Shine When Applied With Earthy Top and Base Coat

4.Recycle and Reuse

Passion Red Polish, £7,99,

Earthy Nails are the blue beauty brand everyone needs to know

In Switzerland, Earthy Nails has begun the recycle and reuse program. Used nail polish bottles and bamboo caps are returned to them. Earthy Nails then clean, sterilise and reuse the materials.

Earthy Nails has developed 15 beautiful eco-friendly polishes (all priced at an affordable £7.99). With an array of amazing colours, you are guaranteed to find one perfect for you. We are smitten with Distressed Damson, £7.99,

For added shine, apply with the Earthy Nail Top and Base Coat.

If you are looking for that new dreamy polish and want to support the planet, check out

Check out their Instagram – @earthynailpolish and their sister brand, @nailture_official

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