the best bronzing creams for dehydrated dry and mature skin

The Best Bronzers For Dehydrated, Dry, Or Mature Skin

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There’s nothing quite like a quick sweep of that perfect bronzer to make your inner summer goddess shine. That said, if your skin suffers from dryness or happens to be mature, you need to choose wisely. Apply the wrong one and your complexion will be saying less goddess and more ‘my skin issues are now available in widescreen.’

For those with dehydrated, dry or maturing skin, the advice is to steer clear of powders. Instead, you need to find a cream bronzer – and luckily, below is a list of the absolute best of the bunch. They instantly transform ‘meh’ into mesmerising. Seriously, the creators of these bronzers ought to be knighted. Ah, the sweet, sweet magic of makeup!

1.Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream Cream-Gel Bronzer, Universal, £37.80,

the best bronzers for deydrated, dry, or mature skin
Credit: Chanel

Looking for that flawlessly natural sun-kissed glow? Nothing achieves it quite like Chanel (yup, I am a serious fan). Lightweight, luxurious and creating a gorgeous, glowing complexion; what more could you want? Better yet, the shade is ‘Universal’ meaning it suits everyone, no searching or stress required.

2.Chantecaille Radiance Gel Bronzer, £36,

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry or mature skin
Credit: Chantecaille

This is such a great product. It gives you a natural luminosity whilst enriching your skin with much-needed moisture. The formula can be worn with or without foundation – enhancing your tan or providing a beautiful glow to fairer skin types, you can expect a radiant and smooth finish for a good 12 hours. Job done!

3.Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer, £28,

the best bronzing creams for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Space NK

I literally have the fairest skin in the world – which is a total pain in the ass and prevents me from ever tanning. However, since discovering Nars’ liquid bronzer, life is definitely better. The liquid bronzer has quite a cult following. It effortlessly blends into the skin, achieving an incredible golden and healthy complexion. Furthermore, the formula is loaded with antioxidants and hydrating properties that kick any dryness straight into touch. This is another great product that can be worn with or without your foundation. Perfect for days like these!

4.Essence Bronzer Brush, £3.50,

the best bronzers for dehydrated dry and mature skin
Credit: Feel Unique

There are some fabulous (and pricey) bronzing brushes out there. However, you do not need to spend bags of wages on a good brush. This one from Essence enables Insta-worthy results that stand up to any by Benefit or Glossier. The money you save can go towards next year’s holiday.

All 3 of these cream bronzers are out-of-this-world awesome. However, I would have to say my favourite is the Chanel Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. It perfectly suits my skin tone and sweeps away any inkling of dryness in seconds!

Have you tried any of these and which one do you love the most? Leave me a message and as always, have a stellar Sunday. Stay safe.  Xx

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