how to get the most out of your retinol products

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Retinol Product

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We all know that retinol is one of those vital ingredients to combat the signs of aging. So, you’ve done your research and now have the right retinol product and strength for your needs. However, this is not where the need-to-know stuff ends. The vitamin A derivative is a complex thing to master – but, knowledge is definitely power where this skincare ingredient is concerned. Understand it fully and retinol will become your new BFF. There are some key points to consider in order to get the best results (and avoid a skincare crisis). Read on to discover the ins and outs of retinol use and ensure you get the most out of your product.

1. How Often Should You Use Retinol?

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The answer to this question varies according to your individual skincare needs, and of course how long you have been using this little hero ingredient. Using retinol too regularly can have adverse effects on the skin.


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You should start thinking about using retinol in your thirties. The older you are, the thinner and less tolerant your skin will be. If you are used to your retinol product, it is okay to apply it a few times a week. Mature skin types should be using the ingredient no more than twice a week.

Retinol Newbies

Should you be new to this product; it is important to tread lightly. You will begin with low strength, testing the water, and only once per week. If you have no reactions, then gradually increase to twice per week, and so on.

Skincare Needs / Retinol Strength

 how to get the most out of your retinol products
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If you have developed signs of aging, the aim will be to gradually increase the strength. (SkinCeuticals 1%, £71.99, is the highest non-prescription product that I consider safe to use). If that doesn’t measure up, visit your dermatologist who may be able to write a prescription. It is important you don’t buy higher-strength retinol products online as you can end up damaging your skin. For a higher dosage always consult a dermatologist to ensure you are using a good product and the right strength for you.

Miracle Facial Oil, £85 (30ml),

How to get the most out of your retinol product
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Sensitive Skin/Rosacea

Those with these concerns should avoid retinol altogether. Try the natural alternative, bakuchiol. This ingredient is sourced from the bakuchi seed and works to enhance collagen production whilst simultaneously tackling fine lines and even deeper wrinkles. The results are impressive, and it is quickly gaining a cult following.

I love Omorovicza’s Miracle Facial Oil. Formulated with bakuchiol, oils of sea buckthorn berry. Rosehip and sweet almond, this product achieves maximum benefits. Furthermore, the oil (of which I will refer to as ‘raindrops from heaven’) also includes Omorovicza’s patented Healing Concentrate. Basically, expect a seriously rejuvenated and smooth complexion.

2.Cleanse With AHAs

How to get the most out of your retinol products

Studies have shown AHAs and retinol compliment each other and can dramatically enhance results. Try PCA Skin Facial Wash, £26.47 (70ml), I would opt for a lactic acid cleanser, as this is generally gentler on more mature skin types.

If your skin is slightly sensitive, it would be better to avoid this step. Instead, simply wash and dry your face before you apply your product.

3.Apply Moisturiser After Retinol

how to get best from retinol
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Once you have applied your retinol product to your clean and DRY face, wait a few minutes and then add your moisturiser. I use CeraVe’s Facial Moisturising Lotion, £13 (52ml),

Opt for a moisturiser that doesn’t contain a plethora of ingredients. You need to be applying hyaluronic acid and perhaps ceramides/peptides, such as this all-singing formula. N.B: The product does not contain SPF.

 4.Apply SPF

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Never forget this component! You shouldn’t anyway, but particularly so when you have used retinol, as your skin will need the extra protection. I love UltraSun’s Anti-Pollution Face Fluid SPF 50+, £20.20,

Stay happy and safe. xx

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