best me-time products for totally zen world

Best Me-Time Products To Keep Your World Totally Zen

Hey, Lovelies!

Check out the best me-time products to keep your world totally zen. Stress? What’s that?!

1.Meditation Aromatherapy Candle, £4.16,

best me-time products to keep world totally zen
Credit: Holistic Shop

There’s nothing like a bit of aromatherapy for restoring some much-needed balance to your world. Whether you want to meditate or simply sit back and let the stresses of the week melt away, this candle offers some serious chill. Featuring essential oils that are proven to remove negativity and wrap you up in a blanket of nurturing calm, you are guaranteed to feel totally zen once more. Monday tomorrow – who cares?


Ylang ylang – Known for its calming and uplifting properties.

Bergamot – This ingredient offers anti-depressant capabilities and will restore balance to your life.

Clary Sage – Naturally cleansing all negativity, this component soothes and warms the soul.

Handmade and including 100% plant wax, this delicately scented candle will ensure your life is totally lit.

2.Muscle & Joint Massage and Body Oil, £8.98 (100ml),

best me-time products for totally zen world
Credit: Holistic Shop

Soothe away the tension of a long day with the help of this fabulous massage and body oil. The specifically formulated essential oils team up to quickly remove aches and tension, replacing them with ultimate relaxation. This rich spicy oil exudes an unmistakable scent of revitalisation and warmth. Included:

Ginger – Used for centuries for its many benefits such as relieving aching limbs and uplifting the mind.

Marjoram – This essential oil works to relax and then to revive the senses.

Black Pepper – Its Invigorating properties help the body and mind recover.

Rosemary – Another herb that has an array of healing properties. This oil promotes clarity, healing, love and protection.

The oil offers an empowering scent that you know will be beneficial before the massage even begins. If you’ve had a long day, ask your OH for a massage. N.B: Make sure you have done all your tasks for the day, because the only thing you will be doing after a massage with this oil, is sleep!

3.Silk Mask Mulberry Silk Gold, £20,

best me-time products for totally zen world
Credit: Dreamsilk

Since reviewing silk eye masks and pillowcases I understand the difference they make to a good night’s kip. Furthermore, they prevent (rather than encourage) the onset of facial lines. My one wish is that I had discovered them sooner! This one is made from 100% pure mulberry silk and has a silk filter. Even the elastic band is covered in silk!

3.Fat and The Moon Dream Weaver Mist, £9.95,

fat and the moon dream weaver mist
Credit: Live in the Light

I cannot rate this product enough. Seriously, if you love a vivid dream, the Dream Weaver Mist is like bottled dream magic. It’s no surprise that the mist features Mugwort. used for centuries for its ‘magical’ and dream-evoking properties, it is also meant to banish evil spirits and any negativity.

Californian poppy is combined to thwart nightmares, whilst lavender and sage are combined to calm, cleanse and soothe the mind and spirit.

I LOVE this. Having reviewed the product 18 months ago, I have since purchased at least 5 bottles!

What are your best products to get the most out of your chill time? Let me know in the comments below and happy Monday people. Stay safe xx

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