Hada Labo Anti-aging sheet mask is best pre-date skincare boost around

Hada Labo’s Facial Sheet Mask Is The Best Pre-Date Skincare Boost Around (And It’s Just Landed In The UK)

Facial sheet masks are the go-to treatment for that quick skincare boost. Fast, highly effective and very affordable – the sheet mask is a must-have for every bathroom cabinet. If you’ve been hankering after that date for…like…ever, you will want to look your best. Sound familiar? Brace yourselves people – we have just found the perfect pre-date treatment around. Globally loved brand, Hada Labo Tokyo, has created the Anti-Ageing Facial Sheet Mask and it is now available in the UK (jumps for joy).

Expectations at L A Beauty are high. You could probably fill a small pool with the amount of sheet masks we have reviewed. As such, the results need to induce faces of slack-jawed amazement to achieve our highest accolade. The Hada Labo Tokyo’s Anti-Ageing Facial Sheet Mask has wiped the floor with its competition. Ideal for all skin types (and ages), this mask will give your complexion a pre-date magic wand kind of boost that makes a spa-treatment look naff! Better yet, this price matches your morning Costa and croissant. Read on:

Pre-Date Scenario That Requires Hada Lado Tokyo’s Facial Sheet Mask

Hada Labo Anti-aging sheet mask is best pre-date skincare boost around
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

Long, hot summer days are no match for Hada Labo Tokyo’s Sheet Mask. You have suffered the hideous train commute from work. An hour-long journey with some man’s sweaty armpit crammed in your face for the duration. (Apparently that is fine as he’s wearing a mask – just not on his armpit.). Finally, you are home – but you have less than an hour until your date. What to do? This is where the Hada Labo mask becomes a luminescent light of power. Not only does it feel like you are wearing ultimate spa-like luxury for ten minutes, but it literally transforms your complexion. Brimming with specifically formulated ingredients to nourish and treat, Hada Labo Tokyo’s formula ticks every box. Enter, a complexion worthy of a star on Hollywood Boulevard!


Hada Labo Tokyo sheet mask best pre-date skincare boost now in uk
Credit: Hada Labo

Collagen & Retinol:

These two wonder ingredients work in unison to provide optimal rejuvenating qualities. Collagen and retinol are specifically formulated to fully hydrate. They are also exceptionally good at promoting cell turnover and visibly reducing those pesky signs of aging.

Vitamin D

Providing outstanding anti-inflammatory benefits. Vitamin D ensures your skin maintains a tip-top and redness-free stature.

Super Hyaluronic Acid

The Hada Labo’s Super Hyaluronic Acid TM is their signature Japanese blend of 3 hyaluronic acids. These multi-molecular components team up to penetrate deep within the skin layers. The outcome is incredible rejuvenating results. Expect a complexion that glimmers with youthful radiance (and many compliments).

Forget about money and time-consuming spa treatments. Everything you need to get the Insta-worthy finish is right inside this heaven-sent, facial sheet mask. Alas, the magic comes with a time stamp. Whilst your clothes and transport might not turn into rodents a midnight, the complexion transformation is not permanent. For optimal results, it is important to regularly use effective ingredients. Fortunately, the mask is only £2.99 for a set of two (just emptying out my S.O’s second drawer right now).

Hada Labo Tokyo Facial Sheet Mask is the best pre-date skincare prep around and now in uk
Credit: Hada Labo

Hada Labo Tokyo’s Anti-Ageing Facial Sheet Mask is priced at £2.99 (for 2) and is available to buy at Superdrug and Get the Glow

Should you have a hot date lined up (lucky you), then bag yourself the Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Ageing Facial Sheet Mask.

The sheet mask is an ideal boost for people over 40 years old. However, should you have a special occasion approaching, the mask is undeniably the go-to skincare prep for all age groups and skin types.

We love this!

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