J'Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER will be your new best friend

J’Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER Will Be Your New Best Friend!

Fighting a never-ending battle against skin concerns?  It may be time to try a new approach. Introducing J’Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER, Deep Sea Reblancer. J’Tanicals is the very first CBD skin care line specifically designed for those with sensitive skin. This 100% natural and vegan formula boast high concentrations of the best quality CBD. The included CBD works in unison with key ingredients, such as bakuchiol, sea electolytes and BioDToxTM. J’Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER goes above and beyond, providing optimal support for your beautiful skin. It effectively tackles acne and aging, whilst ensuring a gentle, yet thorough cleanse. This product a total game-changer! Read on:


CBD is the beauty industry’s latest buzz ingredient – and for good reason. It appears to have superpowers! The natural antioxidant packs an almighty punch in the face of skin damaging free radicals. The outcome is total facial reset. Some of this component’s hero-like abilities include controlling sebum levels, calming,  thwarting damage, and slowing down the pesky signs of aging.

J’Tanicals natural CBD isolate is extracted from the purest Swiss grown hemp, is fully regulated and THC-free. This incredible cleanser is formulated with 0.5% CBD!

J’Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER Key Benefits

J'Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER will be your new best friend
Credit: J’Tanicals

Acne & Blemishes

Should acne and blemishes feel like the bane of your life, this cleanser may become your new best friend. The gentle cleanser will boss your skin’s sebum levels back under control. No sweat (literally). It’s rebalancing properties (such as CBD and liquorice root) kick blemishes and irritation into touch, without drying out your skin. You can expect optimal calming and soothing support. Bye, bye, heavy concealer; hello new cleansing obsession!

Aging Skin

Well, that basically includes all of us. When it comes to the perks of getting older (ahem), no one gets a free pass. Until some clever scientist comes up with a magic wrinkle eraser that works as well as your child’s magic disappearing pens, we need all the help we can get. J’Tanicals GEL CLEANSER is like your own bottle of rejuvenation (it’s that good). The powerhouse of anti-aging components pack the best tools in your skin care arsenal.

J’Tanicals has formulated an active ingredient, BioDToxTM(3%). It’s combined aloe, broccoli and citrus guarantees amazing anti-aging benefits. So, think pore- refining, skin brightening and sebum-diminishing results. Oh, and an all-dancing, deep cleanse.

The cleanser is loaded with antioxidant value of which quash and further protect you from free radical damage. The high-quality CBD teams up with bakuchiol. This natural alternative to retinol triggers cell turnover and beckons in ultimate rejuvenation. Yay!

Liquorice root extract offers God-like antioxidant support against hyperpigmentation and free radical damage.

Skin Sensitivity

This product is specifically created for those with sensitive skin. The natural formula guarantees the most gentle, non-irritating experience.

This vegan CBD GEL CLEANSER is essential oil and fragrance-free. It works as a fantastic exfoliator for sensitive skin types and contains no microplastics! The gentle cleanser can be used as a luxurious face wash for those with rosacea or acne-prone skin.

Skin Strengthening

J’Tanicals has included precious sea electrolytes (1%) from the French sea. Their skin-nourishing properties deliver outstanding rejuvenating benefits. Sea electrolytes get to work; thus, skin is rebalanced, remineralised and strengthened. The outcome is a beautifully radiant complexion (and a beaming smile).

We tried this cleanser for 2 weeks and the results are wow-factor good. L A Beauty loves this!

J’Tanicals CBD GEL CLEANSER is priced at £34.95 (100ml) and is available at www.jtanicals.co.uk

j'Tanicals new CBD GEL Cleanser will be your new best friend
Credit: J’Tanicals

For optimal results, use in conjunction with J’Tanicals Probiotic Safeguard CBD Moisturiser, £49.95, www.jtanicals.co.uk

Discover J’Tanicals CBD line and say hello to your new best friend!

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