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Amazing Father’s Day Gifts That Speak A Thousand Words

Father’s Day is fast approaching. This year why not gift your dad something a little different? Should you be on the lookout for a present that shows how much he means, read on. Here are some thoughtful and unique Father’s Day gifts that speak a thousand words.

1. Kikkerland Oil Jug Tool Kit, €20, www.kikkerlandeu.com

Amazing Father's Day Gifts that speak a thousand words
Credit: Kikkerland

Seriously, what dad wouldn’t love this quirky yet super-duper handy Father’s Day gift? Presented and cleverly disguised as a standard oil jug, it opens to reveal a must-have tool kit. Inside are all the tools your dad may need whilst he tinkers around in his garage. The kit features:

Knife Edge

Bottle Opener

Can Opener

Saw Blade


Direction Auxiliary Indication

Stainless Steel 420

Butterfly Screw Wrench


Basically, this awesome and thoughtful present is everything a dad would love!

2.Smartphone Projector 2.0, £19.99, www.prezzybox.com.

amazing Father's Day Gifts That speak a thousand words
Credit: Prezzybox

Everyone would love this genius present. The ready-assembled, compact projector will display videos from your smartphone up to an 8 x magnifying lens. The innovative gift will certainly speak a thousand words. On Father’s Day, gather around on the sofa and replay some memorable times the family shared. The easy-to-use and fail-safe projector truly makes a thoughtful gift.

3.The Old and Wise Pen (Set of Two), €8,  www.kikkerlandeu.com

Amazing Father's Day gifts that speak a thousand words
Credit: Kikkerland

Should your dad be knocking on a bit, this amusing novelty pen set will make the ideal gift. The light-hearted present says that with maturity, comes priceless knowledge and wisdom that has proved indispensable over the years! This awesome novelty set is a clever way of saying his advice and support are irreplaceable.

4. Einstein Genius IQ Test Kit, £9.99, www.iwantoneofthose.com

Special presents for fathers day
Credit: IWOOT

Most dads think their knowledge surpasses all others – and whilst their support can come in handy at times, it can be a tad annoying (no one likes a gloater). This Father’s Day, why not gift them this humorous present? Including 2 complete quizzes, this instant IQ Test Kit offers an afternoon of (eye-opening) fun.

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