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Luxury Christmas Beauty Gadgets At A Cyber Monday Bargain

YES – we need luxury presents! What sort of question is that? Once you’ve successfully swiped the ‘angel of conscience’ off your shoulder, you can further appease any residual guilt with the knowledge these luxury Christmas beauty gifts can be grabbed at a Cyber Monday bargain. So, if you like them (and you will) you can buy two and keep one for yourself! Happy shopping!

1. Luxury IPL: Philips Lumea Prestige IPL £339.95 (Was £475),

the best luxury Christmas t beauty gadgets you can grab at a cyber Monday bargain
Credit: All Beauty

Choosing a good, effective at-home hair removal device can be a tricky business. There are so many available, but alas, only a few meet the grade. However, there are a few devices I rate highly. These include the Lumea and SmoothSkin.

It must be noted that the high-end gadget does not suit every skin type (so make sure you do your research first). However, by using the device bi-weekly, after a month you will see a good improvement.

A worthy at-home IPL hair removal device will set you back a fair amount and usually the Philips Lumea will cost you £££s! Fear not. If you have considered buying but changed your mind due to the cost – now is your time. This awesome IPL hair removal device is on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargains list.

This device works really well – but do not be under any illusions. An at-home IPL is not as strong as the dermatologist’s laser. This means it will take longer to deliver results. Taking a little longer and having a fab IPL hair removal at your disposal will save you endless money, time – and of course effort.

2. Luxury Anti-Aging Beauty Gadget: Nira Skincare Laser, £200 (Was £299),

the best luxury Christmas beauty gadget at a cyber moday bargain
Credit: Current Body

Should you or someone you love feel concerned about those pesky signs of aging, this is a device worth having. The top-class laser is clinically proven to improve the look of your skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. By using non-fractional laser technology, this clever little gadget delivers long-lasting results. Currently, on offer for Cyber Monday, you can actually bag this beauty for £100 less. Now, how to get down from this cloud…

3. The Luxury GHD Gold Styler, £119.20 (Was £149),

the best beauty gadgets at a cyber Monday bargain
Credit: Look fantastic

Fancy a heat-up time of just 25 seconds? Hell yes! This luxury Christmas beauty gadget ensures the dreamiest locks, ever! The hairstyling tool offers dual-zone technology and this super-fast heating speed. What you get is a truly professional salon-worthy result. Think sleek, Insta-goals of shiny gorgeousness. Well, they do say make yourself happy and THEN look after everyone else, don’t they?

4. Luxury Christmas Gadget: Current Body Oh My Glow Limited Edition Gift Set (Includes Skin LED Light Therapy Mask), £285 (Was £415),

Cyber moday beauty luxury gadget bargains
Current Body

Okay, if you can get past the idea that when wearing the mask, you are going to look as scary as hell, we need to look at what’s on the table here. What we have is a seriously luxury Christmas beauty gadget! A multi-award-winning anti-aging device that may as well have been taken from some parallel universe where these gadgets successfully diminished wrinkles forever!  Yes, LED light therapy is that good (incidentally, it is why all the A-listers use laser treatment).

The ultimate pampering Christmas gift set includes the highly effective rejuvenating gadget that will dramatically improve the appearance of skin over time. It has been shown to reduce wrinkles by 35% within 4 weeks, meaning you can look forward to encountering firmer and more youthful skin for 2021! Not only that, but you get an array of luxurious skincare saviours in with this dreamy kit, too!

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