Newly launched dating site taking the world by storm

Newly Launched Bald Dating App Takes The World By Storm

Love comes in many forms – and baldness is one of them. Knowing how much A-listers such as Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Bruce Willis rock the look, it is no wonder the newly launched dating app, ‘Bald Dating,’ has already amassed such a huge following.

Being a ‘niche dating man,’ bald entrepreneur David Minns, of Chester, realised a gap in the dating market. He states that he created this online platform due to the amount of ‘hatfishing’ being reported. This term describes bald people who (when adding their profile image), choose to keep their baldness hidden underneath a hat. Given there are so many people who either don’t mind the shine or prefer the bald look, any concerns surrounding the loss of hair should be eradicated. There should be no place for feelings of self-doubt or shame – and David Minns is swiping left to this stigma.

Newly launched bald dating app takes the world by storm
Credit: Bald Dating

However, there can be no swiping found on this app, as it is designed for people to contact potential partners immediately. The refreshing new site, Bald Dating, offers real help to singletons experiencing hair loss. The app removes any concerns about a negative reaction, enabling people to find love and embrace their baldness.

The dating site founder explains:

“Being bald can be very hard for some people and they lose their self-confidence. Bald Dating was created to show that being bald doesn’t matter.”

“There are many people who don’t mind you being bald and there are even others who prefer it,” said Mr Minns.

the newly launched bald dating app taking the work b storm
Credit: Bald Dating

The app is available globally and currently costs nothing to join. Furthermore, there are no nasty hidden upgrade charges for communicating (so get the bargain while you can). The only stipulation being is to be bald or happy to date a person who is. The Bald Dating app works by clicking a ‘like’ button; thus, enabling people to connect and begin a wonderful romance.

There are no age restrictions – anyone above the age of 18 years-old can join. This app states that it regards the safety of members to be of paramount importance and they do not allow nudity.

newly launched bald dating app takes the world by storm
Credit: Bald dating

Adding a profile image is not compulsory and each member has the choice of adding up to 9 pictures, should they so wish.

Should you be bald or have thinning hair and find it difficult to approach a potential suitor – this app may just be the way to go!

Visit Bald dating:

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