Achieve Salon-Worthy Results With The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss

Transforming dull and lacklustre hair can be a costly and never-ending mission – unless you know about The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss. This semi-permanent product will become your saviour. You can achieve the much-sought-after salon-worthy shine at a fraction of the cost. The hair Gods have finally smiled on us!

How Good is The Hair Boss Brand?

achieve salon-worthy results with the hair boss clear shine gloss
Credit: The Hair Boss

The outstanding Hair Boss range was created by award-winning expert hair colourist and stylist, Lisa Shepherd. Lisa’s vast knowledge and experience has gained her much popularity amongst celebrities and the general public. As the most awarded hair colourist in the UK and touted as ‘the hair doctor,’ her products come with high expectations. The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss does not disappoint.

To guarantee exceptional haircare, Lisa formulated and tested each of her products in her salon. The Hair Boss message is to treat your hair as you would your skin. By doing so, you can achieve and maintain locks that ooze health and lustrous shine.

Their core mission is for everyone to enjoy healthy hair. As such, this brand takes inspiration from skincare. Within Lisa Shepherd’s iconic vegan formulas are well-known hero skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and vitamins. These components work undeniably well, turning around problematic hair to reveal the locks of your dreams.

How Does The Hair Boss Transform Hair?

Achieve salon-worthy results with the hair boss clear shine gloss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Let me explain – with attention and love, you can transform your tresses into locks of enviable glory and shine.

Each incredible product is categorised into one of their 5 steps. This provides a simple, yet effective way of building a routine bespoke to your hair care needs. Learn more about this on The Hair Boss website.

How Does The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss Work?

Should you suffer from dull and lacklustre hair (erm, yup), this product is a must-have. The ingenious semi-permanent treatment effectively revitalises hair (no matter what the colour) and without changing the tone!

This is a universal formula that works by smoothing the hair cuticle. However, it is important to follow the step with The Hair Boss Conditioning Milk that is included in the pack. Combining natural ingredients such as almond, argan and avocado oil, the conditioning milk adds moisture and nourishment, further enhances shine and ensures your glossy effect is securely locked in.

The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss actually does what it promises. Expect seriously gorgeous locks and a lot of compliments!

The Hair Boss Clear Shine Gloss Facts

Achieve salon-worthy results with the hair boss clear shine gloss
Credit: The Hair Boss

Whereas a salon shine treatment will hurt your wallet, this semi-permanent gloss ensures gloriously shiny locks for just £14.99 ( You can expect the hair gloss to last up to 6 washes (about the same time as a salon treatment).

Having tested pretty much all at-home shine treatments, this one stands out as one of the best. Haircare goals achieved!

Remember the ‘glass hair’ trend? Should you yearn for even more shine, try using this product with the Hair Boss Semi-Permanent Shine Spray, £14.99,

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