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5 Soothing Stocking Filler Gifts For The Stressed

Yes, it’s been a somewhat stressful year. Are we going to let it get us and our loved ones down? Hell no! The majority of us are feeling edgy right now, so a stocking crammed with soothing gifts to de-stress is an Einstein-worthy light bulb idea. I don’t know a person who wouldn’t be stoked to receive a bag full of pampering relaxation. Here are the best gifts for the most stressed. And breathe…

1.This Works Dream Team, £10,

5 soothing stocking filler gifts for the stressed
Credit: Space NK

No matter how frazzled you feel, a good night’s sleep always helps. Inside this beautifully packaged set is a super-soothing aromatherapy duo. The Stress-Check Roll-on features eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender to ensure an unequivocally blissful night’s sleep.

Next, spritz your pillow with the incredibly calming Pillow Spray. Combined are the specifically formulated ingredients lavender, camomile and vetiver oil. These work together, providing ultimate relaxation. Hello, cosy sleep!

2.Novelty Funny Face Stress Ball, £2.82,

5 soothing stocking filler gifts for the stressed
Credit: Amazon

That’s right – squeeze any anger or stress right out of the day with satisfaction. It amazes me just how much a stress ball actually works. It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you are feeling the angst, a stress ball is definitely a must-buy.

3.Sleep Headband, £15.99,

calming de-stress gifts
Credit: Amazon

Why not gift your loved one the best tool for falling to sleep? This multitasking present provides a sleep headband, sleep mask and sports headband all in one. The lightweight and exceptionally comfy band feature advanced Bluetooth technology. Whether you wish to listen on the move, meditate or drift off – this device will block out external noise.  You choose exactly what you hear as you drift off – erm, why didn’t I notice these sooner?

4.Grace & Stella Hot and Cold Gel Bead Eye Mask, £9,

calming relaxing presents
Credit: Amazon

Apply the soothing warm mask and let your anxiety and stress melt away. Or, cool the mask and relieve eye strain, eye bags and headaches. This is a perfect gift for every WFH Individual. After a long day staring at the screen and getting stressed, just whip the mask on, sit back and in 5 minutes you will feel like yourself again.

5.Relaxation, Wellbeing and Pampering Gift Set, £27.99,

relaxing gifts to de-stress
Credit: Amazon

Make way for the ultimate relaxation kit. Inside this box is everything a person may need to totally de-stress and find their zen. Featuring:

4 Relaxation Bath Melts (includes eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and sweet orange). These essential oils are specifically combined to achieve utter calm.

Lavender & Patchouli Bath Salts – unwind and forget anything that isn’t quiet happiness.

Wild Honeysuckle Soy Candle (23 hours burn time).

2 Soaps (lavender and clementine & prosecco)

All of these essential items are cruelty-free, vegan and handcrafted in the UK. This kit will transform anyone’s evening into one of heavenly spa-like quality.

Any of these gifts would be much appreciated by a stressed-to-hell loved one and may just take a tier-3 risk of a breakdown to a more reasonable tier-1 situation. Better buy me 3 of each.

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