Say good riddance to hair loss and welcome in density

Say Good Riddance To Hair Loss, And Welcome In Density

It happens to the best of us: One day you are waving your hand through your long, lustrous locks, the next, you are wondering just how much hair your hairbrush intends to claim.

Glancing in the mirror and realising your hair has half the density and gorgeousness than the year before is a hard pill to swallow. Fear not, my friends, for hair loss help is on the horizon. Philip Kingsley’s new Density range ensures you say good riddance to hair loss for good.

Specially developed with the newest innovations and game-changing proven ingredients, Philip Kingsley’s new Density haircare range dramatically reduces hair loss, unveiling beautiful, healthy, and full locks, once more.

Learn How Density Thwarts Hair Loss

Read on, to learn about the Density range. Discover the benefits and uses of Density’s nine advanced formulations. This article gives you the low-down on each Density solution; thus, helping you to find the right Density product for your haircare concerns. Don’t forget to scroll down to find our verdict and our FAQ’s section, too.

But firstly, let’s take a look at what we mean by ‘hair density.’

What is Hair Density?

Hair density is the number of hairs on the scalp, per square centimetre. Basically, reduced density means hair thinning.

Why Choose Philip Kingsley Products?

Say good riddance to hair loss and welcome in density
Credit: Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley is a multi-award-winning brand. Providing world-class solutions, should you suffer from hair concerns, this world-renowned team of Trichologists are the people to see.

The globally loved Philip Kingsley team have successfully treated clients at their Trichological Clinics for over 60 years. Experts in this field, Philip Kingsley understand the emotional trauma of hair loss and hair thinning; moreover, they are fully aware of the time, care, and consistency needed to bring about longer- lasting, improved results.

Each of the nine Density products are specifically formulated with advanced active ingredients, which offer long-term protection of the density and quality of hair. Furthermore, these ingenious solutions extend the hair’s life cycle, and ensure optimal scalp condition.

Who Would Benefit from Using Philip Kingsley’s Density Range?

Say good riddance to hair loss and welcome in density
Credit: Philip Kingsley

This outstanding Density range is developed to treat the following:

  • To help thicken the overall hair density.
  • Preserve the hair, preventing the onset of thinning.
  • To treat the initial stages of hair thinning.
  • Supports those experiencing hair thinning and loss due to hormonal changes.
  • Those who have nutritional deficiencies, or who want to give their hair an added boost.
  • For those who experience hair loss, but who do not wish to use medicated products, such as Minoxidil.

Philip Kingsley’s Density Range

Say good riddance to hair loss and welcome in density
Credit: Philip Kingsley / Stimulating Scalp Toner (150ml),

Developed with the latest innovations and game-changing ingredients, to achieve the best condition of your hair and scalp. Philip Kingsley’s Density hair care range is proven to help slow hair loss and achieve the most enviable crowning glory around. These nine formulations have the following three key hair density goals:

Thicken – to thicken your existing hair.

Preserve – Preserve your hair.

Stimulate – Stimulate the scalp to encourage the healthiest hair growth, and achieve optimal scalp condition.

This range provides superior holistic support (both internally and externally). The nine products include haircare, scalp care, supplements, and styling aids.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Density products…

Key Density Products and Benefits of Use

1.Density Preserving Scalp Drops, £45 (85ml),

goodbye thinning locks hello thicker hair
Credit: Philip Kingsley

These drops maintain the follicle condition, protecting hair density and quality over time. Formulated in this super lightweight serum is a next-level active complex, which is clinically proven to slow hair fall. The complex instantly energizes and stimulates the scalp, whilst simultaneously improving the hair’s condition.

This array of all-singing, all-dancing effective ingredients is guaranteed to make your hair bounce with joy. Expect a prolonged hair life cycle, less scalp visibility, and reduced hair loss when used over time.

2. The Density Thickening Shampoo, £25.50 (200ml),

thickening shampoo pk
Credit: Philip Kingsley

Featuring unique hyper-branched polymers and hydrolysed pea peptides, this shampoo sounds like a product of the future. And futuristic, it certainly is! Enjoy significantly added volume without any pesky dryness. Strands become repaired and strengthened from within the cortex. Furthermore, BHA’s work hard to exfoliate the scalp, ensuring best scalp health and a far reduced breakage.

3.Density Thickening Conditioner, £25.50 (170ml),

conditioner to tackle hair thinning
Credit: Philip Kingsley

As well as hyper-branched polymers and pea peptides, this conditioner also offers biometric ceramides! These help to restore depleted lipids in damaged or aging hair. They further protect the hair by effectively sealing and smoothing the cuticle.

This conditioner delivers an antioxidant-rich surge of protection, whilst providing ultimate hydrating and smoothing benefits, too. Hair strands appear thicker, volume is maxed, and hair is fit for a Disney princess!

4.Thickening Protein Spray, £36 (120ml),

This is our favourite product of them all. Wave goodbye to fine, and fragile hair. Instead, visualize an instant volume boost, gorgeously hydrated and nourished strands, and a wow-factor shiny finish. Yes!

5.Preserving Scalp Foam, £22.50 (120ml),

hair thickening scalp nourishing treatment
Credit: Philip Kingsley

The best multitasking styling aid and scalp treatment you will find. Providing both volume and texture at the roots, a perfect scalp environment for faster hair growth, and that celebrity-adorned, glossy finish we all crave.

Other Density products include the Stimulating Scalp Toner (£19); the Stimulating Scalp Mask (£22.50); Amino Acid Booster Supplements (£30), and the Healthy Hair Complex (£30).

The Density range is scientifically proven to improve scalp and hair health, reduce hair loss, and thwart further thinning. The collection is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin / hair types.

Benefits of Use

say good riddance to hair loss and hi to density range
Credit: Philip KIngsley

Short-Term Results:

  • Scalp exfoliation.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Instant nourishment of the hair strands.
  • Adds instant texture.

Long-Term Results:

  • Achieves optimal scalp environment, supporting faster and healthier hair growth.
  • Reduces scalp visibility.
  • Lessens hair loss.
  • Maintains good follicle condition, and protects the hair.
  • Reduced hair breakage.


The Philip Kingsley Density range is a literal godsend for those experiencing hair breakage, thinning, and loss. For those in need of fuller, healthier, and thicker locks, the Density range is all you need.

Extensive clinical trials show the Density range to significantly improve hair condition, and dramatically reduce hair breakage and loss. Trials also show that following a hair regime offers the best results. For optimal benefits, use the shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner.

However, those looking for a quick fix solution must be aware. that restoring such hair concerns cannot be achieved overnight. Obtaining a good outcome requires the right products and long-term use.

The range launched 1st June 2022 and products are priced between £19 – £45. Available to buy at and at nationwide retailers.


1.What is the normal density of hair?

There are approximately 124 – 200 hairs per square centimetre.

 2. Is Philip Kingsley’s Density range worthwhile?

Philip Kingsley’s award-winning haircare achieves remarkable results. The Density range is proven to support those experiencing hair loss and thinning issues.

3.What is the best Philip Kingsley hair product?

Philip Kingsley has gained global recognition for his Elasticizer. This product is like watching awe-inspiring hair transformation in action.

4. Is the Density range cruelty-free?

Yes. These products are cruelty-free and all come in planet-friendly packaging too!

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