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Check Out This Summer’s Most Popular Nail Polish Colours

Nail polish obsession? Check out this summer’s most popular nail polish colours.

On a mission to find this summer’s hottest nail polish colours? Our global love nail colour perfection sees this trend ever-growing. Moreover, Google searches for environmentally friendly, vegan nail polish, is also on the rise. Alas, regular visits to your nail technician puts a mighty dent in your wallet.  Consequently, creating the perfect at-home mani is deemed as essential as applying your moisturiser!

This Summer’s Best Colour Polishes

If you want to find this summer’s leading nail colour trend, read on.  Multi-award-winning brand, Earthy Nails, just dropped the Indian Summer Collection. Their latest launch includes the four hottest nail colour polishes (including the dreamiest pink of all).

Shimmering with utter gorgeousness, this season’s prettiest colours are guaranteed to please every nail varnish obsessive. Earthy’s beautiful new range is fast-becoming a global sensation. So much so, it required team L A Beauty’s undivided attention. Check out our review below.

This article tells you everything you need to know about Earthy Nail Polish’s Indian Summer Collection. We share insight into the pros and cons, along with application inspo. Read on to discover our final verdict, and FAQ’s section, too.

The Earthy Nail Polish New Indian Summer Collection


Check out this summers most popular nail polish colours
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Fancy the hottest nail polish colours of the season, all in one set? Hell, yeah! Taking inspiration from exquisitely beautiful landscapes of India, comes Earthy Nails, new Indian Summer Collection. Inside are four breathtakingly pretty glitter nail polishes; each shade, oozing with a sparkling vibrancy to complement those dreamy summer days.

What Is this Summer’s Most Popular Nail Colour Trend?

This summer, it’s all about colour vibrancy. Visualize neon citrus shades and you can’t go far wrong. Likewise, a hot pink mani is a key colour trend for summer 2022. Earthy Nail Polish’s new bio-sourced collection features highly pigmented colours, perfectly depict the iridescent beauty of summer.

The stunning shades offer chip-proof, high-shine smoothness, and seamless application like no other. Moreover, Earthy’s cruelty-free and plant-based formulas, (79% natural origin,) boast non-toxic ingredients and long-lasting results. So, now you can go ahead and start falling in love with this summer’s most sought-after shades.

The Indian Summer Collection Colours

Have one particular colour you love? No problem – purchase individually for £7.99 each, or bag the whole collection for £24.99.

1. Jaipur (Vivid Pink)

check out the summer's best nail polish colours
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

We think this just may be the prettiest pink nail polish of all. A delicate pink entwined with mesmerizing sparkles, it’s mood-boosting qualities make it the one to wear on date night. We love!

2. Amristar (Bright Golden Yellow)

discover the sought after nail colours of the season
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Want the best nail colour for your day at the beach? It seems like Earthy made Amristar with one purpose in mind: achieving the ultimate beach day look.

3. Shimla (Sparkling Green)

discover the leading nail varnish for 2022
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Command the room with this statement nail colour. Earthy’s bold citrus nail lacquer is instant charisma in a bottle. We’re talking a green glitter polish with some serious sass.

4. Goa (Vibrant Orange)

Earthy nails orange summer polish
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

All the single ladies, put your hands up and shine like the Queen B this summer. Now you can effortlessly recreate Beyonce’s much sought-after tangerine mani. Likened to the reflective orange sunsets found in Goa, this is one Earthy polish that would have a Beyonce seal of approval.


  • Includes the key summer 2022 nail colours.
  • Plant-based, cruelty-free, harm-free polish.
  • ‘Free from’ formula and sustainable packaging.
  • Chip-free, high-shine, and long-lasting finish (use in conjunction with Earthy’s base and top coats).
  • Mood-boosting colours.
  • Reuse, return, recycle policy.


  • It will eventually run out!

Ways to Wear Earthy’s New Collection

Earthy Indian Summer Polishes
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish
  • Team up with favourite outfit for the ultimate look.
  • Add a pop of sparkly colour to your existing mani.
  • Mix it up by applying alternate colours to your nails.
  • Have fun and add pretty nail art and stickers to your Earthy polished nails
  • Apply Earthy Indian Summer sparkle on top of your usual Earthy polish.

Final Verdict

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, we are head-over-heels smitten with these glitter kitten nail polishes. Their lightweight formula makes them ideal for summer wear – and, once you try them, you will never want to remove them!

The nail polish is priced at £7.99 each and £24.95 for the collection of four.


1.How long does nail polish take to dry completely?

It takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes for nail polish to fully dry.

2.How many coats of polish should I apply?

You should apply base coat once, followed by two coats of your regular nail varnish, and then a top coat to achieve optimal results.

3.What nail colour is trending now?

Pink is the leading nail polish colour trend for summer 2022.

For further information about globally loved, vegan brand, Earthy Nail Polish, visit

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