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Review: Earthy Nail Polish Nail Treatments Collection

Meet the nail polish brand leading the clean beauty revolution. Earthy Nail Polish has attracted huge attention and love for its sensational nail polish colours. In addition, they are dedicated to achieving maximum sustainability. 

Earthy Nail Polish is definitely a brand to keep on your radar if you are looking for the softest cuticles and prettiest nails around. We reviewed this cult nail polish brand’s latest release. Read on, to learn all the must-know facts about the Earthy Nail Polish Nail Treatments Collection.

Discover the four irresistible nail treatments that will soon become this summer’s beauty essentials. We share the benefits of each nail treatment, and our final verdict. Don’t forget to scroll down to read answers to frequently asked questions, too. 

Earthy Nail Polish Nail Treatments Collection: Facts

Review: Earthy Nail Polish New Treatments collection
                                                  Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

You will find four formulas inside this beautiful and eco-friendly packaging, guaranteed to revive dull and lifeless nails. Think of the collection as your very own, at-home Priory nail rehab. Just a few drops of the following four treatments, and your nails will be restored to perfect health.

Check out Earthy Nails’ 99% bio-sourced and natural origin treatments. These ultimate treatments ensure optimal nail prep – ready for the next must-have gel mani!

What Does the Ultimate Treatments Collection Include?

Review: Earthy Nail Polish Treatments COllection
            Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Strengthener – Should bendy, weak, and frequently broken nails be the bane of your life, read on. This strengthener is ideal for treating soft, poor, thin and breaking nails.

Cuticle Oil – Perfect for reviving the driest, roughest, and most stressed of nails. The oil combines vitamin E for its exceptional repair capabilities. Also, you will find further impressive nail and cuticle-nourishing components, such as sweet almond oil. and soybean extract, too!

introducing earthy polishes
                Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

3. Green SOS – Providing optimal support, Earthy Nail Polish tout this as an intense nail rehab. It is an ideal formula for fast nail recovery, making it the go-to for all those gel polish obsessives.

Expect an array of outstanding nail recovery ingredients, including  glycolic, lactic, and malic acids, that guarantee the most beautiful nails on the block, with minimal effort required.

Berry Oil – Should you look down, aghast at the appearance of severely dehydrated and dry nails, read on. Earthy Nails’ Berry Oil is just the ticket for a much-needed, nail transformation. Delivering optimal restoration at lightning speeds, this Berry Oil is going to feel like the ultimate nail saviour.

Final Verdict

itesting the vegan nail polish treatments
                 Credit: Earthy Nail Polish 

Let’s face it – we all have busy lives. In terms of self-care, nails and cuticles often take a back seat. It never fails to shock us when we see our sub-optimal nails breaking, and our cherished gel manicures peeling.

The Earthy Nail Polish Nail Treatments Collection features four intensely nourishing formulas. These nail treatments work so well, it feels like your fairy godmother has paid a visit. In addition, applying the nail products at home is like having a pampering salon session.

reviewing earthy's treatment collection
                     Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

We tested the Earthy Nail Polish Treatments Collection every day for several weeks, and our nails never looked so healthy. The collection has taken dry nails that regularly split and break, to that of unbreakable health. Forget gel nail manicures – these bad boys can now withstand an acrylic polish.

Should your nails need some TLC, or are in need of some support to get them through the next nail salon visit, the Earthy Nail Polish Collection is the perfect solution. 

For us, Earthy Nails can do no wrong. Pioneers of the clean beauty movement, and incredible results with every polish, team L A Beauty are 100% smitten.

Where to Buy Earthy Nail Polish?

Reviewing cruelty free polish
                                                        Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

The Earthy Nail Polish Nail Treatment Collection is priced at £26.97, and is available to buy at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earthy Nail Polish cruelty-free?

Yes. Earthy Nail Polish are a plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan brand.

Are plant-based nail polishes better?

The answer is yes, absolutely. Plant-based nail polishes do not contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

How does Earthy Nail Polish champion sustainability?

Earthy Nail Polish has a reuse recycle policy. Their plant-based vegan formulas provide the ultimate high-shine and chip-free polishes, that last. Furthermore, their polishes feature a highly sustainable bamboo cap.

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