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Reduit’s BOOST Is A Magic Wand For Skin

Having the right skincare ingredients for your skin is crucial. However, don’t expect miracles from fingertip application alone; only a tiny amount of your product is absorbed into the skin.  Fear not – as it turns out, miracles do happen.  Reduit’s Boost is basically a magic wand for your skin, and it’s about to change your life forever. Forget magic beans – for beauty obsessives like us, it’s like uncovering the secrets to the Universe.

So, laugh in the face of unresolved skin issues. Acne and aging are no match for Reduit’s latest beauty hero. Read everything you need to know about the Reduit BOOST. Scroll down to learn about how the smart device is revolutionising the beauty industry. Discover key benefits, pros and cons, and instructions for use. Don’t forget to read our conclusion and answers to frequently asked questions too!

What is the BOOST?

Reduits BOOST is a magic wand for your skin
                                                            Credit: Reduit

Say goodbye to over-priced skincare products. Reduit’s latest launch makes the need for luxury skincare obsolete. The BOOST is designed for one purpose; it makes your skincare products work like a dream.

The smart tech device enables a traditional skincare product to deliver results equivalent to that of high-end luxury beauty products. Ensuring maximum absorption, deeper penetration, and unrivalled efficacy of any product, it’s no wonder Victoria Beckham is a top-tier fan.

Its futuristic technology makes this smart skincare device seem like it was plucked from an episode of Star Trek. Thanks to first-class Swiss engineering, the BOOST ensures your skin receives required actives, exactly where they should be; thus, achieving ultimate results.

This intelligent beauty tool offers a bespoke, targeted treatment for your skin. It unlocks maximum efficacy from any skincare product, with precision delivery, and optimal absorption.

How It Works:

smart beauty tech device
                                                           Credit: Reduit

Simply pair BOOST with its app, then scan the barcode of your favourite skincare product. This enables identification of your beauty product’s active ingredients. Your smart tech’s waveform is then adjusted to ensure the right ingredients are delivered into your skin, at the correct depth.

By utilising active ingredient information and personal data, BOOST automatically configures an LED treatment to promote maximum efficacy of your product’s ingredients.

This next-generation piece of beauty tech provides at-home photofacials. This device features full-spectrum LED lights that will target your specific skin concerns.

Reduit BOOST Enhanced Delivery Technology

reduit boost is a magic wand for your skin
                                                            Credit: Reduit

By utilising the power of diamagnetics, BOOST is able to push active ingredients further into the skin. The Reduit BOOST’s algorithm produces a world-class skincare ritual, tailored to meet your personal skincare needs. This smart tech considers the following principal factors:


Different ages require varying treatments. For example, hydrating hyaluronic acid is particularly beneficial for younger skin, while mature skin types crave increased lipids.


Treatment requirements differ depending on your gender. Male skin is typically thicker, with more collagen (obviously!).

Skin Type

BOOST magical skincare tech
                                                         Credit: Reduit

Each skin type responds to different treatments. BOOST suits all skin types.

Skin Concerns

Reduit’s BOOST automatically adjusts to help treat a range of skin concerns. Whether the bane of your life is aging, dehydration, pores, or redness, BOOST will be your saviour.


Although location is often overlooked, climate greatly impacts skin quality. BOOST considers this when formulating your personalised routine.


Melanin levels determine skin sensitivity to photoaging. Furthermore, the number of sebaceous glands impact the strength of skin’s moisture barrier.

Active Ingredients in Skincare Products

Certain active ingredients work best at different layers of skin. Antioxidants and hydrating agents should reach deeper than UV protection. Scan the barcode of your product and BOOST adjusts, accordingly. Then, BOOST delivers the correct actives to the exact spot needed.

This customised treatment combines waveforms and LED lights to perfectly support your skin’s needs. As your skin’s needs change, BOOST automatically adjusts its treatment plan.

Key Benefits

Reduit BOOST skincare tech
                                                              Credit: Reduit

Reduit’s BOOST is your very own at-home luxury salon treatment. By creating a personalised routine to match your skin concerns, it guarantees impressive results. Basically, BOOST transforms your beauty routine. It takes the outcome of your cherished skincare products, from mediocre to amazing.

BOOST amplifies the following:

  • UV protecting agents: 1.5 x
  • Brightening agents: 2.0 x
  • Anti-aging agents: 2.2 x
  • Antioxidants: 2.4 x
  • Hydrating agents: 5.6 x


reduits BOOST advanced technology for skin
                                                         Credit: Reduit
  • Personalised at-home skincare treatment, and universally compatible.
  • Next-level results from almost all skincare products.
  • Advanced technology that automatically adjusts to match your skin’s needs.
  • Saves you a fortune (facial appointments no longer necessary).
  • Fast and highly effective absorption of ingredients (30-second application).
  • Extremely lightweight, the BOOST features a soft and sleek design. This small, super-soft gadget fits comfortably in your hand; thus, allowing ease of use wherever you may be (within reason).
  • Offers 8 LED lights for maximum skin support.


  • App requires the App Store or Google Play.

 How to Use Reduit’s BOOST

Reduit'a BOOSt offers amazing skincare technology
                                                          Credit: Reduit
  1. Download the Reduit BOOST app for free on the App Store, or Google Play.
  2. Complete your personal skin profile and then connect your BOOST.
  3. Scan the barcode of your chosen skincare product, so BOOST can identify its active ingredients.
  4. Apply your skincare product as usual.
  5. Move the BOOST gently over the intended area of skin, and let your smart tech do the rest. With optimal precision, your BOOST ensures a significantly enhanced delivery of your chosen actives.
  6. When complete, simply turn off your beauty gadget and wipe it clean with a damp cloth.


reduit boost smart beauty tech device
                                                          Credit: Reduit

We tried Reduit’s BOOST every day for a month, and the results were phenomenal. We consider this super-smart beauty device as vital as having a postage stamp for your mail. It does not replace any existing skincare product – its goal is to ensure your skin receives all of the right actives, to the required location.

Complete your profile and scan your fave beauty products, and the rest is a breeze. The 30-second application is so seamless, it will quickly become a normal part of your beauty routine.

And boy, it is worth it.

You will see a noticeable improvement from the very first application. Skin is dramatically brighter, healthier, and unbelievably rejuvenated. We defy anyone not to enjoy its jaw-dropping, eye-popping results.

Everyone should own a Reduit BOOST.

The Reduit BOOST costs £125.30 (was £179), and is available to buy at


Is the Reduit BOOST really worth it?

The brand states that the BOOST achieves ‘up to 5 times better results’, of your skincare products. After avid testing (and retesting, just to be sure) we confirm the results are pretty spectacular.

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