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Review: SBC Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash

It’s true – exfoliating regularly is crucial for maintaining a clear, radiant complexion. However, using the wrong exfoliation product repeatedly, can lead to a skincare disaster, If you have aging, dry, dull, or uneven skin, you need a gentle, resurfacing facial wash.

After hearing about the soaring popularity of SBC Skincare’s Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash, we had to check it out. The new facial cleanser has amassed thousands of 5-star reviews. When you try this skincare treat, you will understand why it’s achieving celebrity status.

Read our review of SBC Skincare’s Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash. Learn all the must-know facts, key ingredients, and benefits of use. Here are the pros and cons of SBC’s soon-to-be iconic cleanser. Don’t forget to check out our verdict, and answers to frequently asked questions too.

But first, let’s look at what exfoliation can do for the skin.

Why Exfoliate?

Review: SBC Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Cleanser

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells, and it’s an imperative part of any skincare routine.  Without frequent exfoliation, you cannot achieve a healthy and bright complexion. By incorporating exfoliation into your skincare ritual, you reap multiple benefits.

Firstly, exfoliation achieves immediately brighter, softer, and more radiant skin. Better yet, it enables a far better absorption of the active ingredients in your moisturiser and serum. Further, regular exfoliation thwarts acne and breakouts, while mature skin types enjoy fewer fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots.

Hang on, don’t All Exfoliators Do This?

review: SBC lactic acid facial resurfacing cleanser
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Before, jumping in to buy a costly facial exfoliator, read on. You need the right product for your skin type and concerns. Exfoliators contain different acids (AHAs and BHAs). Although both provide similar benefits, frequent exfoliation with the wrong one can cause harm. This is where SBC’s Facial Wash makes a difference.

Why Choose SBC Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash?

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          Credit: SBC Skincare

If aging, dry, or dull skin are at the top of your skincare hate list, this is the exfoliating cleanser for you. Numerous skincare products include lactic acid formulations and promises of amazing rejuvenation. So, what makes SBC’s wash such a hit? We’ll tell you:

SBC Skincare’s super-lightweight Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash is a foaming cleanser that’s as gentle as fairy kisses, yet as powerful as the wrath of Thor. SBC’s advanced and unique blend of ingredients team up to create a formula of magical skincare wonder. Including a powerhouse of key natural ingredients, the cleanser swiftly removes all impurities and toxins, banishing all traces of dead skin cells with ease.

Secondly, SBC’s foaming cleanser boasts a cruelty-free, vegan formula that is also SLS-free. Also, SBC get extra bonus points for their outstanding recycle policy.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

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AHA Blend – SBC’s superior blend of exfoliating acid sourced from specific fruits, sugar cane, and sour milk. Firstly, apple, papaya, pineapple, and sweet orange create the AHA mix. These fruit enzymes work in unison to thoroughly dissolve and seep away dead skin cells; thus, promoting optimal skin regeneration. Due to the fact they are bursting with antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, and C, this wash delivers anti-aging and hydrating miracles. Also expect warrior-like protection from free-radical damage.

Lactic Acid – SBC’s oh-so-gentle and vegan-friendly lactic acid offers sensational results, without causing any skin distress. This makes it an ideal facial cleanser for newbies, or those with age-related skin concerns.

Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) – This component is included due to its well-known ability to soothe skin and lock in moisture. .

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Glycerine – Alas, this naturally occurring component diminishes with age, taking its much-appreciated anti-aging superpowers with it. Luckily, SBC’s vegan-friendly glycerine is here to step in and save the day. Their vegan formula actually sucks in moisture from literally everywhere (air included), then seals it in place. So, skin looks firm and plump, while the skin’s moisture barrier is back and stronger than ever. Does this create the softest skin? We think so!


SBC foaming cleanser
Credit: SBC Skincare
  • Purifies without over-drying the skin, revealing a petal-like silky complexion
  • Gently yet effectively dissolves dead skin cells Even texture and tone.
  • Reduces sebum levels, therefore controlling oily skin, thwarting breakouts and acne.
  • Supports optimal skin regeneration. Therefore, revealing a complexion of youthful luminosity. Goals!
  • Suitable for all skin types. However, this is especially beneficial for those with aging, dry, and dull skin.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated without SLS.


  • Those with severe acne or skin sensitivity may be better suited to a BHA exfoliator.
  • As with all AHA (and BHA) products, you must remember your sunscreen.


Aging, dry, and uneven skin doesn’t stand a chance against this resurfacing cleanser. Skin looks and feels significantly improved after just one week of use.

Dry patches disappear, fine lines become less noticeable, and tired skin is replaced with a healthy glow.

Applying the foaming gel cleanser is a true delight. So, visualise the lightest and most luxurious, pampering treatment, in the comfort of your own home. Expect silky-soft skin (and some flattery in the office, too). Consequently, we love this facial wash.

SBC Skincare’s Lactic Acid Resurfacing Facial Wash costs £21.50 (300ml), and is available to buy at

For optimal results, use in conjunction with SBC Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate, £11 (100 ml),


Is lactic acid good for the skin?

Frequent use of lactic acid effectively reduces pesky signs of aging. The gentle, yet powerful acid thwarts discoloration, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

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