keep tooth decay at bay with dentemp

Keep Tooth Decay At Bay With Dentemp’s Oral Care Kit

Tooth decay causes pain like nothing else. In fact, here at L A Beauty, we deem tooth erosion as agonizing as childbirth. Anyone who has experienced a severely rotten tooth will understand where we’re coming from. People go to extreme lengths to dull the searing pain brought on by dental problems. From downing bottles of gin, to scary at-home dentistry, plyers in hand. DIY tooth extraction is not pretty.

Unfortunately, poor oral hygiene is commonplace. Untreated dental issues continue to rise (unlike our pain threshold). Bagging an NHS dentist appointment is as likely as matching the lucky star numbers on your EuroMillions lottery ticket.

The Importance of Maintaining Good Oral Health

keep tooth decay at bay with dentemp oral care kit
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We spent an entire morning calling every single NHS dentist within a 70-mile radius and could not get an appointment. A frightening reality for many people, given most cannot afford the criminally-high dental prices charged by private dentists. Worse yet, long-term poor oral hygiene can lead to other health concerns, too.

How to Achieve the Best Oral Health Care

keep tooth decay at bay with dentemp
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What’s the solution? Follow a good oral hygiene routine to maintain good oral health. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid bad oral hygiene with the help of a few oral hygiene products. Now, you can ensure healthy gums and keep tooth decay at bay, with the help of Dentemp’s Oral Care Kit. This dental set is like having your very own at-home dentist to hand. Containing all the necessary tools to support the best oral health, Dentemp’s kit is a bathroom cabinet essential.

Dentemp Oral Care Kit: What’s Included?

Keep tooth decay at bay with dentemp oral care
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Maintaining oral health to a dentist-approved standard is easy with this handy little oral care kit. Include are all the tools your mouth requires to keep smiling. Featuring dental picks, a scaler and tongue cleaner this kit ensures your mouth is in tip-top condition every day.

Benefits of Use

Removes plaque and tartar

Reduces and removes stains

Whitens teeth

Achieves an at-home, professional oral hygiene routine

What’s Included?

  • Dental Scaler – Dentemp’s safe and highly effective dental scaler guarantees daily optimal cleansing of the teeth.
  • Dental Pick – Ensures no more food particles remain lodged in-between teeth; thus, potential cavities are kept firmly at bay.
  • Tongue Cleaner – Never underestimate the value of a tongue cleaner; it may mean the difference between mesmerizing a potential date – or coming off looking like a member of the Adams’ Family! Dentemp’s oral care tool swiftly removes the germs responsible for the dreaded bad breath syndrome. Regular use of Dentemp’s Tongue Cleaner greatly supports oral hygiene.
  • Mirror – You will feel just like a dentist with this impressive easy-to-hold mirror. The handy little mirror’s design helps you to see those awkward areas where germs and plaque like to hide.
  • Anti-microbial Storage Case – Keep your dental care tools hygienic with Dentemp’s Anti-Microbial Storage Case.

Instructions for Use

  • Dental Scaler – To use, simply hold the scaler, so the top of the curve stays flat against the tooth. Next, gently pull away from the gum and down to the end of the tooth.
  • Dental Pick – Apply the pick between the teeth to seamlessly pull out any stubborn food particles.
  • Tongue Cleaner – Starting at the back of the mouth, gently move the tongue cleaner over your tongue, towards the front of your mouth. Once finished, rinse with tepid water.



oral hygiene is easy with dentemp
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Dentemp’s Oral Care Kit is a literal lifesaver. Included are essential oral care tools to maintain good oral health and keep you smiling. The tools quickly and effectively remove pesky food particles, plaque and tartar, ensuring your mouth stays in optimal health.

These professional dental accessories are so easy to use, you can achieve at-home hygienist results in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the compact and travel-friendly kit costs just £8.99 (equivalent to your morning trip to Costa). We love this.

You can purchase Dentemp’s Oral Care Kit for £8.00 at Amazon, or for the same price at Boots.

For more information on Dentemp and Dentemp products visit,

Keep smiling!

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