Award-winning brand revolutionizes beauty industry

Award-Winning Nail Brand Revolutionizes The Beauty Industry

Right now, there’s one nail brand we adore. This award-winning brand is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Earthy Nail Polish is turning heads, everywhere. Not only for the wow-factor colours they continue to create, either. This brand is on an unstoppable mission to make a difference to the future of our planet. And by the looks of things, they are succeeding.

We had the pleasure of reviewing the newest addition to their gorgeous vegan collection. Here Comes the Sun is the new set that boasts four irresistible, must-have colours for achieving the perfect springtime mani.

Read on to discover why Earthy Nail Polish is fast becoming an international leader in the beauty industry, and our review of their amazing new spring collection.

Award-Winning Earthy Nail Polish: Facts

Award-winning brand revolutionizes beauty industry
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Nail Polish was brought about due to frustration over unsustainable nail products, that were more detrimental than beneficial. Thus, Earthy Nail Polish set about creating the highest quality products that would cause minimal impact on the environment.

What Makes Earthy Nail An Award-Winning Brand?

Award-winning nail brand revolutionizes beauty industry
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Nail Polish leave no stone unturned, in ensuring sustainability. Better yet, their long-lasting colours are to die for.

By using natural origin and bio-sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and implementing measures to maintain ongoing sustainability, this cosmetic brand has earned some serious kudos.

How Earthy Nails Achieve Ultimate Sustainability

Earthy Nails spring collection
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

1. Circular Economy for Return and Reuse Policy

This award-winning brand is recognised for environmental awareness and innovation. The recycle and easy return provess, paves the way for total waste elimination.

2.Award-Winning Remover – Base And Top Coat

100% acetone-free, 99% natural nail polish remover.

3.Free From 21, Natural Origin, Bio-Sourced Ingredients

4.Removal Of All Inner and Outer Plastic Production Packaging

Earthy Nail Polish Here Comes the sun
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

This brand has not only thwarted the use of any plastic in production, but they found a perfect solution to the caps. Earthy Nail Polish has done away with unsustainable single use plastic caps. In their place are 100% eco-friendly bamboo caps.

5.Produced With a Platinum 2020 Eco Vadis Rating

6.Cruelty-Free, Plant-Based, Vegan Nail Polish

7.Natural Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

8.Outstanding Waste Management Policy

This policy promotes reusable tanks and drums, as well as recycling of solvents.

Here Comes the Sun Spring Collection

Award-winning nail brand revolutionizes beauty industry
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love. Behold, Earthy Nail Polish’s newest arrival. The Here Comes the Sun Collection features four of the most beautiful colours, bringing spring’s feel-good factor into play. Epitomizing joy and rejuvenation, you won’t be able to look down without smiling. Here Comes the Sun’s new colours include:

Cherry Blossom

Icelandic Blue

Dreamy Peach

Nailture Green

Instructions For Use

Beautiful new nail polish
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

To ensure a long-lasting shine, apply Earthy Base Coat, then leave to dry.

Once dry, apply your chosen polish and finish with Earthy’s Top Coat.

Et voila!

We love all four of these incredible colours. However, our fave must be Earthy’s Icelandic Blue.

Earthy Nail Polish Here Comes the Sun Collection is priced at £24.95, and is available to buy from

This is one brand that goes to lengths to help the planet and its people. Check out the Stop Hate UK Collection (£24.95). To stamp out hate crime, Earthy Nails donate 25% from every sale to the UK charity, Stop Hate UK. For more information about Earthy Nail Polish, visit

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