treat dry feet with this quick foot treatment

Guilty Of Foot Neglect? This Fast, DIY Foot Scrub Is For You

Listening to the hail beating at your window may cloud your recollection of last week’s mini heatwave; but, it wasn’t a figment of our imagination. And just as real, was a UK-wide realisation of foot neglect. A serious case of foot neglect guilt, shortly followed by a surge in panic, as we cautiously pulled out our sandals. The only people unaffected, are probably those who waggled in a cheeky vacay over the Christmas period.

In fact, just last week, UK’s trending Google searches for ‘foot scrub’ (and similar foot-transformative treatments), soared as quickly as the unsuspected temperatures. If you (like team L A Beauty, and most of the UK), are experiencing guilt from worrying foot neglect, read on. Natural beauty expert and founder of natural sugar wax brand, Sugar Coated, Rosie Khandwala, is about to solve all your foot-related woes.

Discover Rosie’s simple, fast, and highly effective DIY foot treatment. It is guaranteed to restore your twinkles to a flake-free, radiant, and polish-worthy status. Now there’s no need to claim your feet are photo sensitive. This awesome, natural foot scrub requires just 3 common ingredients. Easier to prepare than your evening snack, and faster results than your latest lateral flow test, what’s not to love?

Warning: May result in extensive online sandal shopping.

Rosie Khandwala’s 3-Ingredient Foot Scrub

guilty of foot neglect? This fast diy foot scrub is for you
Credit: Rosie Khandwala / Sugar Coated


400g of sugar

1 sliced lemon

1 handful of lavender flowers

Rosie states:

“To create the scrub, you’ll need 400g of sugar (gentle exfoliant), 1 sliced lemon (anti-fungal and astringent), and a handful of lavender flowers (anti-inflammatory, adds fragrance and soothes skin).”

Rosie’s Instructions for Creating a Natural, DIY Foot Scrub

guilty of foot neglect? This fast DIY foot scrub is for you
Credit: Rosie Khandwala / Sugar Coated

Step One

“Rub the lavender flowers in your hands and then mix into the sugar, this will help infuse the aroma. Take a large tub and pile the sugar like 2 sand dunes – one for each foot.

Step Two

guilty of foot neglect? this fast diy foot scrub is for you
Credit: Rosie Khandwala / Sugar Coated

“Arrange the lemon slices on top of the two piles. Place a foot on each pile and start to rub your feet on the lemon slices. Crush the slices with your heel, and scrunch with your toes to release the lemon juice to wet the sugar.”

Step Three

treat dry feet with this quick foot treatment
Credit: Rosie Khandwala / Sugar Coated

“Create a gentle friction with the sugar and your feet. The lavender flower will release its natural oils and as you continue massaging the sugar it will stimulate the blood circulation to the pressure points under the sole. Do this for approximately 10-15, the rinse with water and enjoy smooth, healthy-looking feet.

Credit Information

All imagery included courtesy of Rosie Khandwala. All information and instructions for Rosie Khandwala’s 3-ingredient foot scrub is provided, courtesy of Rosie Khandwala. Founder of Sugar Coated

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this DIY foot scrub as good as branded treatments?

Yes. This natural foot scrub effectively buffs away rough and dead skin cells with ease. You can expect better circulation, as well as smooth, soft, and radiant skin.

2.Is the DIY foot scrub a sustainable choice?

Absolutely. It requires easily acquired, natural and biodegrable ingredients. This scrub is a perfect eco-friendly choice for repairing and rejuvenating your feet. Say no to microbeads!

So, what are you waiting for? Give your feet some much-needed TLC. Next heatwave people, that’s our window.

For more information about the amazing entrepreneur and founder of Sugar Coated, Rosie Khandwala, visit

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