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The Ultimate Easter Gift Guide

Easter. A time for celebration, reflection, and of course, gorging on extreme amounts of chocolate. This year, why not treat your loved ones to an Easter gift that lasts longer than the Easter weekend movie binge? We’ve compiled some cracking Easter gift ideas, that everyone will love.

1.For All Bath Lovers: Better You Magnesium Bath Flakes, £7.95 (750mg),

The ultimate Easter gift guide
Credit: Better You

If you are a bath lover, you need this in your life. Being avid bath time fanatics, we have reviewed many, many bath products. We are about to save all like-minded bath-goers wasted time and money on other products. Behold, the mecca of the bath world; Better You’s Magnesium Bath Flakes. This must-have, 100% natural, bath addition is so good, we suspect sorcery must be involved.

Those who are tackling aches and pains, illness, and stress, read on. Better You Magnesium Bath Flakes offer a multitude of benefits for the mind and body. Loaded with minerals, vitamins, and restorative qualities, this is one Easter gift everyone will love. Better You’s collection includes: Magnesium Relax, Magnesium Revive, and Magnesium Mind.

2. Easter Gift for Your Teenage Son: Camera Multi-Tool, $5,

the ultimate Easter gift guide
Credit: Kikkerland

No camping trip should be attempted without one of these life savers in your bag. This incredible Camera Multi-Tool is the ideal Easter gift for any teenage son to take on their Easter getaway. Included is a blade, flat head, Phillips screwdriver, 2 x wrenches, saw blade, prybar nail puller, direction auxiliary, bottle opener, butterfly screw wrench, ruler, Sunny 16 rule guide, and keyhole.

The Camera Multi-Tool offers essential tools to overcome obstacles, and a camera to capture those heroic moments of victory. We love this!

3. DIY Bird House Japanese Tea House, €6,

The ultimate easter gift guide
Credit: Kikkerland

Beautifully designed by KDT, this amazing bird house is the go-to gift for all bird lovers. The easy to assemble tea house makes an ‘egg-ceptional’ (sorry, not sorry), present for your blackbird-loving bestie. Featuring its own dowel, the elegant little house is an instant aesthetic upgrade for the garden. Furthermore, it will bring happy tweets from all feathered friends.

4. Newton’s Lab Make Your Own Catapult, €15,

the best easter presents for the family

Check out one of the most awesome Easter gifts for children. Newton’s Lab Make Your Own Catapult not only gives your little one’s quality play and learning time away from the dreaded screen, but it brings some serious fun to the table too. Learn all about the world of physics and the first law of inertia and watch your Easter fun soar.  Suitable for ages 14+.

5. Ultimate Easter Mindfulness: Buddha Mug, €20,

buddha mug
Credit: Kikkerland

Discover mindfulness coupled with a good brew (that stays warm enough to finish). The innovative and quirky Buddha Mug features its own lid to keep your beverage warm, while you practice some mindfulness. This is a fantastic Easter gift idea that is guaranteed to bring calm, happy vibes into anyone’s life.

6. Geomag Glitter Panels Recycled 35 PCS Construction Set, (Prices Start From £16),

best easter presents
Credit: Geomagworld

Award-winning Geomag brings us a cool new addition from Geomagworld. Geomag Glitter Panels Construction Set is a must-have STEM toy that combines sparkling creativity with fun-packed, logical reasoning. This globally loved set must be one of the best children’s gifts around.

The set boasts an array of colourful, glittery shapes, magnetic rods, and steel spheres. The result is hours of inspirational fun, whereby your child’s imagination and inventions can come to life. We are sure every child (and adult) would love this innovative Easter gift. This is our fave Easter toy!

Have fun!




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