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Multi Award-Winning Aesthetics Doctor Reveals Crucial Tips For Maintaining Youthful Skin

In need of some springtime rejuvenation? Expert tips for maintaining youthful skin don’t come better than this. Dr Ana Mansouri is a multi award-winning aesthetics doctor at the renowned Kat & Co Clinic. Dr Ana’s expert knowledge and skin-transformative treatments are such, she is recognised as one of the top aesthetics doctors in the UK. If you manage to bag yourself an appointment with Dr Ana, it will feel like you have won the skincare lottery.

For those who cannot get an appointment, don’t despair. Dr Ana Mansouri’s goal is to educate and support people, to look and feel their best. Read on, as she reveals crucial tips for maintaining healthy, youthful skin. Dr Ana Mansouri MBBS BSc PgDipDerm MBACert, shares her top skincare tips. With that many letters after her name, you know her advice is gold dust.

Scroll down to read Dr Ana Mansouri’s crucial tips for maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

Dr Ana Mansouri Cosmetic Doctor and Skin Expert’s Top Skincare Tips

multi-award-winning aesthetics doctor reveals crucial tips for maintaining youthful skin
Credit: La Roche Posay UK

Youthful Skin: Tip #1

1. “My most vital tip for keeping your skin youthful and healthy is to use an SPF 30-50 every single day, come rain or shine, even if you’re staying indoors. The reason for this is that we now know that up to 90% of the signs of premature ageing are caused by UV damage, UVA being the main culprit for photodamage during all hours and seasons of daylight. My go to recommendation for these is Heliocare, La Roche Posay or the SkinCeuticals range of dedicated sunscreens.”

Top Skincare Tip #2

2.“My second tip for keeping a youthful complexion is to utilise active skincare in order to protect and repair skin damage that happens over time. Use a vitamin C serum in the morning (underneath your SPF) for its antioxidant effect fighting off free radical damage from the environment throughout the daytime. My go to recommendation for this is the SkinCeuticals CE ferulic. Vitamin c may not be suitable for very sensitive or acne prone skin types.”

multi-award-winning aesthetics doctor reveals crucial tips for maintainng youthful skin
Credit: CE Ferulic, SkinCeuticals UK

Sun Damage and Repair: Tip #3

3. “My next tip for repairing sun damage and thereby loss of elasticity, wrinkles and to even out the skin tone and texture is to use a gentle vitamin a (retinol) at night. Retinol promotes the formation of new skin cells thereby keeping your skin fresh while repairing damage.”

“Start slowly just once or twice a week, and avoid the eye and neck area as they can cause irritation during an initial adjustment period, therefore proceed with caution. These are not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. My recommendation for this is the SkinCeuticals 0.3% retinol.”

Dr Ana Mansouri further advises:

Expert skincare tips by Dr Ana
Credit: Dr Ana Mansouri

“Together the above regimen makes up my simple ABC regimen for healthy skin: vitamin A, sun Block and vitamin C. “

“An additional consideration for keeping a youthful complexion is light handed injectable ‘tweakments’ such as Baby Botox to prevent lines and wrinkles from becoming deep set as prevention is always better than cure. The best time to consider this is when you can notice fine lines in the frown/forehead/crow’s feet areas at rest but only if they bother you or affect your confidence. Make sure you see a qualified and experienced medical practitioner for any facial injectables treatments to ensure staying safe as there are risks involved. These are to be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

Dr Ana Mansouri: About

Multi-award-winning aesthetics doctor reveals crucial tips for maintaining youthful skin
Credit: Dr Ana Mansouri

Dr Ana Mansouri is a multi-award-winning cosmetics doctor, working at the award-winning cosmetic clinic, Kat & Co, Birmingham. She is also an advanced trainer in Acquisition Aesthetics, a Key Opinion Leader for SkinCeuticals, and an international speaker (in the capacity of Skin Expert for L’Oreal).

Dr Ana Mansouri’s Specialities

Dr Ana specialises in achieving impressive, yet natural-looking results. She ensures unrivalled results with Botox and fillers, skincare, and non-surgical body contouring treatments. Highly regarded for her holistic approach and high quality of care, Dr Ana Mansouri is hailed for delivering world-class skincare treatments. She creates gentle, safe, and subtle ‘tweakments’ with outstanding results.

If you are looking to enhance your natural beauty and effectively thwart signs of premature aging, Dr Ana Mansouri is the person to visit.

Further Information & Contact Details

Aesthetics doctor and skin expert, Dr Ana Mansouri is based at Kat & Co Cosmetic Surgery Clinic,  St James Court, 20 Calthorpe Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham. To book an appointment with Dr Ana Mansouri at Kat & Co Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, visit www.cckat.com

For telephone inquiries: 0121 456 7930

For treatment informationwww.cckat.com

To follow Dr Ana Mansouri on Instagram – @doctor__ana

To follow Dr Ana Mansouri on Linkedin:/dranamansouri

Credit Information:

All expert tips and advice written and provided by Dr Ana Mansouri, Cosmetic Doctor and Skin Expert.

Imagery provided, courtesy of Dr Ana Mansouri.

Product Imagery Credit Information:

CE Ferulic, SkinCeuticals  –   by SkinCeuticals UK

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF – La Roche Posay UK

Dr Ana: Disclaimer

“I work with / consult for SkinCeuticals as a skincare expert and KOL (Key Opinion Leader).”

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