brands to celebrate this national clean beauty day

The Brands To Celebrate This National Clean Beauty Day

As National Clean Beauty Day (July 15) approaches, team L A Beauty continue to celebrate the hero brands who make the world a greener, happier place. Our “National Clean Beauty Day” article features key iconic brands you need on your radar for 2022. Read on, to discover our final pick of the best.

1. Earthy Nail Polish,

the brands to celebrate this national clean beauty day
Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Now you can reap the benefits of the most beautiful mani from a nail polish brand, who champion the green beauty movement. For those of you who have been living in outer space, Earthy Nail Polish is the green nail polish brand of the moment.

The sustainability superheroes behind Earthy Nails, leave no stone unturned ensuring a cleaner, greener world. Creating award-winning polishes, these high-shine, plant-based formulas deliver double wow-factor results.

Earthy Nail Polish has done away with the plastic caps and introduced a recycle and reuse policy. Oh, and did we mention that their polishes are 99% bio-sourced, 99% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free? This is one brand that deserves celebrating this National Clean Beauty Day.

Check out their new Treatment Collection, £26.97, at

2. Clean Age,

brands to celebrate this national clean beauty day
Credit: Clean Age

The creators of Clean Age demonstrate exceptional innovation, aimed at helping the Gen Z community. A mother and daughter team began Clean Age to provide gender-neutral, personal care products.

Focusing on offering all-natural products that benefit both the earth and humankind, the Clean Age range deserve serious kudos.

All products are recyclable, bamboo, biodegradable, and include the purest ingredients that deliver superior results. Their dehydrated toothpaste tabs for conserving water demonstrates this team’s next-level creativity in supporting a greener globe. We love!

*Also available in Fred Meyer stores in the Pacific Northwest

3. Attitude,

brands to celebrate this national clean beauty day
Credit: Attitude

The leaves barsTM collection from Attitude features zero-plastic solid beauty bars. Whether you need a beauty bar for hair or your skin, these all-natural bars will not disappoint. Boasting hypoallergenic and EWG VERIFIED, high-quality ingredients.

The Leaves Bars line is the epitome of sustainability. You can view Attitude’s incredible 100% vegan, and cruelty-free products at

4. Freshly Cosmetics,

Freshly Cosmetics has an eco-friendly future firmly in its sights. By collaborating with WE Forest, this beauty brand has ensured the plantation of over 270,000 trees; thus, making a huge difference to the planet.

Better yet, Freshly’s Refill policy consistently reduces environmental damage, whilst their packaging is 95% recyclable. That’s before we mention this brand’s outstanding skincare products.

Freshly’s huge skincare range offers transformational results. Their 99% natural ingredients are specifically formulated to provide optimal support, for pretty much any skincare, or haircare concern you can think of.

Whether you want treatments for yourself, your children (or even your pets), you are guaranteed to find the perfect Freshly solution. We are smitten with Freshly’s Smooth Body Pack, £48,

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