National clean beauty day: the brands you need to know

National Clean Beauty Day: These Are The Brands You Need To Know

The Clean Beauty Movement is a leading trend that continues to conquer the globe.

As National Clean Beauty Day approaches, we reveal the eco-warrior brands you need to know. Those beauty brands who go above and beyond, delivering skin and planet-transformative results.

Here is everything you need to know about National Clean Beauty Day, and which brands are leading the way..

National Clean Beauty Day: The Facts

The Clean Beauty Movement is a lifestyle choice, sweeping largely across the UK and USA. Thanks to endorsements from eco-conscious A-listers, like Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow, this once limited, and pricey lifestyle choice stepped off the small-town stage and into stardom.

Press coverage ignited the growth of cosmetic consumer awareness, and Gen Zs trailblazed the urgency for change.

Demand for earth-friendly and healthy products encouraged brands to embrace a greener ethos. Today, organic and sustainable ingredients and packaging, are vital elements for success.

After all, buying eco-friendly, non-toxic products is non-negotiable, right? With an overwhelming agreement, the National Clean Beauty Day was borne.

Why National Clean Beauty Day?

national clean beauty facts
Credit: Food Story

National Clean Beauty Day (July 15) is a chance to educate consumers about harmful ingredients, and the importance of adopting an eco-friendly mindset. Better yet, it allows us to celebrate those brands who tirelessly strive to implement change.

These are the superhero beauty brands you need to know:

The Clean Beauty Brands You Need On Your Radar

1. Ella + Mila, Professional Nail Polish,

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Credit: Ella+Mila

An uncompromising drive for providing ethical beauty products that deliver wow-factor manis, puts vegan brand, Ella + Mila at the top of the list.

Their ‘17-free,’ high-shine and chip-proof nail polishes, take colour vibrancy to a whole new level. Better yet, this brand also offers soy-based (and affordable) nail polish remover, and plant-based palettes too! You can bag these beautiful polishes for just $10.49, at Also available at Target, and Walgreens.

2. Superfood Beauty: Food Story,

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Credit: Food Story

Food Story show their support for a greener world, by ensuring their customers enjoy the ultimate superfood beauty experience. Their hair, skin, and body range are formulated from nature-driven ingredients.

Loaded with exceptional skin and hair loving nutrients, and eco-friendly packaging, Food Story is the pinnacle of clean beauty. Here, you won’t find a disappointing list of misleading ingredients, concealed under words like ‘natural’, or ‘green.’

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Credit: Food Story

This ethical brand brings game-changing skincare from the highest quality, plant-based ingredients. With a strict ban on unfriendly chemicals across the board, along with an unwavering mission to support Mother Earth, Food Story is fast-becoming a household name. We love their Blueberry Revitalizing Cleansing Foam, ($12.99).

3. The Cleanest, Fastest Beauty in Town: Oh, It’s Natural,

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Credit: Oh It’s Natural

Do you yearn for affordable, clean skincare products, but without the faff? Oh It’s Natural is the brand to know. Their range of organic products boast USDA-certified ingredients, carefully blended to nourish, protect and repair.

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Credit: Oh, It’s Natural

What’s more, this brand knows about time-tough mornings. As such, they recently launched Simple Skincare Routines. Featuring products that deliver fast and effective skincare results, lateness will never again be an issue. Two minutes, two steps, and your skin is good-to-go.

With superfood components like Hemp Seed and Aloe, this organic, vegan, and cruelty-free brand is the answer to clean, and effective skincare, when time is of the essence. Oh It’s Natural is transforming skin (and saving it at work).

Oh, It’s Natural Skincare Essentials Set is priced at $46.99.

4. A National Clean Beauty Day Hero: Seed Legend, 

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Credit: Seed Legend

This National Clean Beauty Day, let us introduce you to a truly special brand. Behold, Seed Legend’s Soapberry Beauty Collection. Seed Legend tick every eco-conscious box you can think of. Moreover, their outstanding ingredients significantly improve most skincare concerns.

Treat your skin and hair to exceptional TLC, without compromising on clean beauty goals. Seed Legend’s formula includes a specially fermented soapberry syrup, packed with saponins. This is due to their unrivalled skin regenerating and protective properties. Seriously radiant skin, and several date invitations await.

Boasting 100% non-toxic and plant-based ingredients, Seed Legend is achieving the sustainability dream.

To view and purchase the Seed Legend collection, visit

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