fathers day gifts that will make you the favourite

Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make You ‘The Favourite.’

Father’s Day is almost upon us. For anyone frantically searching for THAT Father’s Day gift, read on. Let’s not beat around the bush; most dads have a ‘favourite.’ Yes, this may pose an ethical dilemma. However, today isn’t about that. Father’s Day is less than a week away, and the game is on to find something to make him beam with delight. What’s more, if you want to be the golden child, (or need to make amends for trashing the family car), it needs to be better than any other gift your dad receives.

Fear not, for team L A Beauty is here to save the day. Read on to discover amazing Father’s Day gifts, which will stand you in good stead as ‘the favourite.’

1.ZeroWater 7 Cup / 1.7 L Jug Water Filtration Pitcher, £24.99, www.zerowater.co.uk

Fathers day gifts that make you the favourite
Credit: ZeroWater

This Father’s Day, why not treat your dad to the gift of clean water? People would be shocked to know that UK tap water is highly contaminated. It is loaded with particles of aluminium, chromium, lead, nitrates, and chlorine. Not good.

ZeroWater’s 5-stage Pitcher, quickly removes 99.6% of TDS (total dissolved solids), leaving you with the purest, cleanest water. We reviewed this pitcher and concur –  it is by far the best water purifier on the market. The Pitcher comes with it’s own water quality reader; so, we decided to test both tap and bottled water. The tap water reading for contaminates came in at a frightening 375ppm (practically undrinkable). Even the bottled water showed levels of 175 ppm!

So, we poured the water through the ZeroWater filter. Within two minutes we were able to see the results. The reading displayed an impressive level of 000 ppm. This is one gift everyone would love!

Find out more about the benefits of ZeroWater here

2. Kikkerland Portable Barbecue Grill Suitcase, £57 (Was £85), www.beaumonde.co.uk

fathers day gifts that will make you the favourite
Credit: Kikkerland

Temperatures continue to soar, beckoning the return of family picnics in the sun. As such, the Kikkerland Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase is the go-to Father’s Day gift. Compact, lightweight, and cooking barbecue food to perfection, this present is guaranteed to be a hit for years to come.

Better yet, its foldable and portable features mean you can enjoy your family picnic anywhere you choose (within reason).

3.Kikkerland SC12 Camera Pencil Sharpener, £13.99, www.amazon.co.uk

best gift ideas for dad
Credit: Kikkerland

If you are searching for a unique novelty gift for the office working parent, look no further than Kikkerland’s Camera Pencil Sharpener. This cool present is certain to bring a welcome smile, during an otherwise mundane day. It is an instant source of amusement for any office desk.

4. Kikkerland Chemistry Book Flask, £12.22, www.amazon.co.uk

top unique presents for dad
Credit: Kikkerland

Discover the ideal Father’s Day present for any science-obsessed dad. Check out the impressive chemistry book, of which cleverly conceals a chemistry flask. Your dad can mix his cheeky drinks and stash it away for ‘those moments.’ The much-appreciated gift will establish you as a firm favourite for a long time to come. This awesome stainless steel liquor flask is available in both silver and black.

For more reading inspo, “Keep Your Water Pure With ZeroWater.”

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