Ensure your drinking water is oure with Zerowater

Keep Your Water Pure With Zerowater

We might love our coffee but staying hydrated is vital for everyone. The health guidelines are to drink 2 litres of water each day. Tap water contains inorganic substances and metals. This causes many people to buy bottled water instead. Bottled water is not a cost-effective or sustainable alternative. What is the solution? Simple. Buy the Zerowater 12 cup/2.8 litre jug and ensure a continuous supply of pure water.

TDS and Zerowater FAQs:

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. It is a measure of substances present in the water These can be organic substances such as silt or dead leaves. There is an even more horrifying possibility of sewage or inorganic components like chlorides and sulphates. Worse still, lead chromium and copper are often found in our drinking water, too!

This is quite a troubling thought. Some cities in the UK have noted TDS readings of above 300. This is where Zerowater helps. By using Zerowater, the TDS readings are reduced to Zero. Quite impressive results!

The Zerowater Technology

Ensure your drinking water is pure with Zerowater
Credit: Zerowater

Zerowater is designed to diminish the pesky TDS reading to zero. Featuring an innovative 5-stage ‘ion-exchange filtration system, its filter jug discards all of those potentially harmful substances.

The ion-exchange technology inside Zerowater is so effective, it is the only brand whose filtration system removes 99.6% of TDS! Most other products only contain a 2-stage filter, which makes the filtration far less effective. Furthermore, carbon-only water filters remove less still.

Using Zerowater ensures each glass of water contains the same levels of TDS as you would find in your bottled water. Better yet, by choosing Zerowater you are doing your bit to save the planet as well as saving yourself a small fortune.

Does Zerowater Maintain Optimal Filtering?

Ensure your drinking water is pure with Zerowater
Credit: Zerowater

To keep your mind at rest, Zerowater comes with a free ‘laboratory grade’ water quality reader. The reader measures the total of dissolved solids to ensure each glass maintains optimal levels of purity. Yay!

Zerowater Features:

Ensure your drinking water is oure with Zerowater
Credit: Zerowater

1. The Zerowater 12 cup/2.8 litre capacity jug provides a sealed lid

2. The reservoir allows you to dispense filtered water, whilst the unfiltered water stays in the reservoir.

3. Unique 5-stage ion-exchange filtration system.

4. Priced at just £39.99 (Meaning it is far more cost-effective than a continued bottled water supply).

5. The only pitcher certified to remove chromium and lead.

6. Compact and neat design ensures a perfect fit inside the door of your fridge.

The Zerowater 12 cup/2.8 litre Jug is priced at £39.99 and available to buy at www.zerowater.co.uk

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