ensure your hair stays beautiful with corrector drops

Ensure Your Blonde Hair Stays Beautiful With The Hair Boss Corrector Drops

Should the fun of dyeing your hair blonde be dampened by those pesky brassy tones that refuse to budge, read on. The Hair Boss Corrector Drops are created specifically to target and banish this problem, forever! Better yet, it is totally hassle-free. You can simply add it to your most cherished haircare products, et voila! Beautiful blonde locks with not a hint of brass. Yay!

The Hair Boss Blonde Corrector Drops FAQs:

The formula combines a blue-violet pigment aimed at diminishing any unwanted brassy tones. Designed to be added to your own haircare products will ensure you have full control of the colour result. Think of it as your own personalised toner treatment. All you need to do is simply add the required amount to achieve your desired shade. Available at Superdrug, £5.32, www.superdrug.co.uk


Ensure your blonde hair stays beautiful with the hair boss corrector drops
Credit: The Hair Boss

Fully Customisable 

You control the level of pigment to add, ensuring a fully personalised toner.

Nourishment and Toning

Ensure your blonde hair stays beautiful with the ahir boss corrector drops
Credit: The Hair Boss

There’s no need to choose between nourishing your hair or toning it. By adding these drops directly to your haircare, you achieve full nourishment, optimal colour, and total satisfaction.

Available in Brunette

Don’t panic if your brunette shade needs some tweaking. Founder Lisa Shepherd has also created Corrector Drops in Brunette. Available at Superdrug, £5.32, www.superdrug.co.uk

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

The Hair Boss Corrector Drops are cruelty-free and vegan. All products are fully tested at the Lisa Shepherd Salon.

hair boss serum overnight
Credit: The Hair Boss

Should you suffer from dry or damaged locks, why not try The Hair Boss Overnight Repair Serum, £14.99, www.thehairboss.co.uk? Enriched with natural oils, this serum works to reverse the damage and restore your beautiful hair. All you must do is apply, go to sleep, then dream of the gorgeous hair that awaits you when awaken!

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