how to make 7 figures as a digital celebrity

How To Make 7 Figures As A Digital Celebrity

Growing your online presence to make 7 figures is THE GOAL. Alas, the journey is likened to chasing a rainbow. As you get closer, the goal post moves, and that pot of gold stays just out of reach. However, with the right tactics and self-discipline in place, it is possible.

One person who has achieved astounding success is LFM Management’s CEO, John Nelson. Having left his career, he took a leap of entrepreneurial faith.

Today, John represents the biggest digital celebrities (viral influencers and star YouTubers) in the world. Examples of the celebrities John represents include viral streamers such as Keemstar (12.6M follower), and FGTeev (27M). Moreover, he shares his hard-earned know-how for achieving great success.

Should you feel like your life is at a crossroads, and you want to take that leap of faith, read on. LFM Management’s CEO, John Nelson, uncovers 7 tips on making 7 figures as a digital celebrity. If you are serious about bossing the entrepreneurial mindest, this is a must-read.

7 Tips for Building a Successful Digital Brand, by John Nelson

how to make 7 figures as a digital celebrity
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1. “Recognize YOUR Talent: Find what your “it” factor is and create original, authentic and passionate content around your strengths.

2.“Be Patient, Consistent and Positive: You CAN make millions in this industry, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience, post consistently, and be positive — the keys to social media success!”

how to make 7 figures as a digital celebrity
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3.“Post on Multiple Platforms: Expand your brand on new and multiple platforms to keep up with how quickly the internet changes.”

4.“Collaborate with Fellow Creators: Capitalize on trending and collaboration opportunities with your audience and fellow creators.”

how to make 7 figures as a digital celebrity
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5.“Know When to Pivot: Follow your gut instinct to formulate your personal brand and make spontaneous pivots when you feel the audience is losing interest or not engaging.”

6.“Brush Off the Haters: Learn to take criticism from “haters” on the internet with a grain of salt.”

how to make lots of money online
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7.“Be Thankful: Remember, you’re only as good as your audience’s reactions. Make sure you stay humble and acknowledge your audience.”

About LFM Management LLC

John Nelson founded LFM Management LLC in order to represent the biggest, most diverse and influential names across the globe, securing sponsorship opportunities on their behalf.

For more information about LFM Management LLC visit .LFM – A Leading Content Creator Management Firm

Sources: 7 Tips for Building a Successful Digital Brand, courtesy of John Nelson / CEO of LFM Management, LLC

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