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Meet Japan’s #1 Anti-Aging Skincare Secret: Hada Labo

Aging – sooner or later, we all have to face it. However, Japan has an incredible anti-aging secret weapon. Do you ever wonder how the Japanese keep such beautiful skin? Tell-tale signs of stacked up years don’t stand a chance against Hada Labo. Their anti-aging skincare range offer eraser-like abilities on wrinkles, whilst achieving that plump complexion we all crave.

We reviewed Hada Labo Tokyo’s skincare line and were blown away by the immediate results. Seriously, you can actually feel the Skin-Plumping Gel work, within literal minutes of application. It’s that good.

Read our review of Hada Labo Tokyo’s anti-aging skincare range, and prepare to be amazed. Here is everything you need to know about Hada Labo Tokyo’s most sought-after products. Discover which ingredients deliver fast-track results, along with their short and long-term effects. Scroll down to find which Hada Labo product best targets your skincare concern, and suitability of use.

1. Hada Labo Tokyo Deep Wrinkle Super Filler Day & Night Cream, £19.95 (50 ml),

meet japan's #1 anti-aging secret
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

When you use this outstanding rejuvenating cream, you will understand exactly why Hada Labo Tokyo is Japan’s leading anti-aging skincare brand.

The Deep Wrinkle Super Filler Day & Night Cream contains, hyaluronic acids, collagen, elastin, and soy protein. These are specifically formulated to offer ultimate effectiveness against deep lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging.

This non-greasy cream creates a firmer and more youthful complexion, with both immediate and long-term results. We noticed a significant improvement to the skin’s overall appearance, within just one week of use.

2. For Pesky Eye & Mouth Lines, Try: Hada Labo Tokyo Deep Wrinkle Corrector, Eye & Mouth Cream, £16.95 (10 ml),

meet japan's #1 anti-aging skincare secret
Credit: Hada Labo

Staring at your reflection lately, aghast, at the irksome lines that seem to have rudely ingrained themselves above your lip line? Yup, gets us all. The worst thing is, it’s like they just appear overnight, and in one foul swoop. Talk about a bad night!

Thankfully, this hero product can resolve such a skincare crisis. Including multiple types of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and retinol, this truly special treatment will have your pout back in tip-top, kissable condition, in no time. Phew.

3. Seriously Dehydrated Skin Needs: Hada Labo Tokyo Intense Hydrating Skin-Plumping Gel Cream, £26.07 (50 ml),

meet japan's #1 anti-aging skincare secret
Credit: Hada Labo

Is it a gel? Is it a cream? One thing’s for sure, it’s a super product. A skincare warrior that delivers unequivocal regeneration. In case you haven’t spotted – we tried this, and it is UNBELIEVABLE.

The 24-hour, hybrid formula gets to work at once; plumping, firming (and using some form of skincare sorcery for sure). Expect exceptional moisturising capabilities and a serum superpower, rolled into one. Lightweight, non-greasy, and luxurious too; what’s not to love? We are smitten.

4. For Those Who Party (or Work too Hard): Hada Labo Tokyo Smoothing Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream, £14.95 (10 ml),

skincare treatments best
Credit: Hada Labo

Too many late nights this month? No problem. This special blend of caffeine, hyaluronic acids, and silk tree extract work in unison to transform the look of overworked eyes.

Hada Labo’s incredible anti-fatigue cream gets to work immediately. It significantly reduces eye bags, dark circles, and a general look of exhaustion. So, if you are planning a few party nights (mid-week), make sure you take a tube of this bad boy with you, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Super Regeneration: Hada Labo Anti-Aging Night Repair Cream, £19.99 (50ml),

skincare best cream
Credit: Hada Labo

Skin regeneration has never been easier to achieve. Hada Labo Tokyo’s unique formula boasts 4 different hyaluronic acids, making it virtually impossible for your skin to not improve!

The combined hyaluronic acids team up with Tetrapeptide-5 and collagen, which then penetrates deep into the skin for maximum rejuvenation. Simply apply and go to sleep. In the morning say ‘hello,’ to firm and supple radiance. The Night Repair Cream works like a dream on dry skin. It is suitable for even sensitive skin types, too!

6.Hada Labo Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Reducing Day Cream, £18.95 (50 ml),

Should you be running low on your day moisturszer, and yearning for something which packs a mightier wrinkle-fighting punch, read on. You need Hada Labo Tokyo’s Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Reducing Day Cream on your radar.

Formulated with specific ingredients, proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles (and thwart their offspring), this is one moisturiser your complexion will love.

Discover a combination of hyaluronic acids, collagen, retinol, and soy protein. These are formulated to achieve fast absorption and deep penetration into the skin, providing unrivalled skincare results. You’re welcome.

7.A Fast, Mini-Facelift: Hada Labo Tokyo, Anti-Ageing Sheet Mask, £2.99,

anti-aging facial sheet mask
Credit: Hada Labo

This has to be the perfect lazy girl’s anti-aging solution. Combining key components such as collagen, hyaluronic acids, and retinol, the at-home mask makes you feel like you’ve experienced a professional facial.

8. The Pre-Date Prep: Hada Labo Moisturising Facial Sheet Mask, £2.99,

moisturising skincare
Credit: Hada Labo

There’s nothing like an intense surge of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid to give you that perfect pre-date complexion. Hada Labo’s facial sheet masks are bursting with hydrating, moisturising, and skin-loving properties, and designed for delivering fast results.

This is the go-to choice for quickly achieving a complexion of youthful luminosity (albeit temporary). Just remember, the results are spectacular, but they don’t last forever. Note to self: Avoid despair by checking the monthly subscription box. Disaster averted!

Hada Labo Tokyo state that their range of products are suitable for even sensitive skin. A few editors at L A Beauty suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea. We found no adverse reactions when using the above products (only rejuvenated skin and big smiles).

For more information on Hada Labo, “Hada Labo Delivers Game-Changing Anti-Aging Results.”

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