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Hada Labo Tokyo Delivers Game-Changing Anti-Aging Results

If you are tired of anti-aging products that just don’t deliver, you need Hada Labo Tokyo in your life. Hada Labo Tokyo include high-quality key ingredients that provide optimal skin rejuvenation. This brand is receiving so much attention for their products achieving remarkable results. Should you be on the lookout for incredible anti-aging support, the following products are a must-have.

What Makes Hada Labo Tokyo™ Products so Special?

Hada Labo Tokyo provide game-changing results by including a specific combination of results-driven ingredients. Within their formulas you will find components such as Super Hyaluronic Acid. We have all heard of hyaluronic acid and its outstanding benefits for the skin. So, what is Super Hyaluronic Acid?

Hada Labo Tokyo™ Super Hyaluronic Acid™: The Science-y Bit:

The brand’s signature Super Hyaluronic Acidis a potent combination of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid. Its mission is to rejuvenate and fortify the skin’s natural hydrating abilities. The enhanced and targeted action enables vital moisture to reach different layers of the epidermis. This enables treatment to benefit layers that would otherwise be untreated. The outcome is optimal skin rehydration and longer lasting moisture retention.

The varying types of hyaluronic acid work together with outstanding teamwork ability to achieve ultimate hydration. Expect lines and wrinkles to appear reduced, and a firmer and plumper complexion. Yes!

1. Hada Labo Tokyo™ Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask, £2.99,

Hada Labo anti-aging facial sheet masks
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

Fancy an at-home spa treatment? We have found the product to transport your senses to a place of utter tranquillity, whilst gently pampering you with skin-loving ingredients. The soft cotton mask is bursting with an entire bottle of anti-aging serum (0.7 fl. oz). Simply apply, sit back and allow the mask to bring you some seriously superior relaxing and rejuvenating properties.

The single use mask is free from dyes, fragrances, parabens, and mineral oils. Suitable for all skin types.


Multiple Types of HA:

The multi-molecular infusion of HA ensure skin is thoroughly hydrated. Studies show that skin looks plumper and hydrated within just 10 minutes!

Soy Peptides:

Hada Labo Tokyo has included soy peptides due to their proven exemplary anti-aging benefits. Not only do they strengthen the skin with warrior-like power, but they go above and beyond in enhancing skin rejuvenation. These components offer impressive must-have anti-aging benefits.


Collagen is a vital ingredient in ensuring skin maintains a youthful appearance.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is key in tackling signs of aging and damage. It’s outstanding restorative and rejuvenating benefits make it an imperative antioxidant for fighting those annoying lines and age-related imperfections.

79% saw an improvement in skin texture and smoothness.
74% saw an improvement in elasticity and firmness.

2. Hada Labo Tokyo™ Anti-Ageing Super Hydrator Lotion, £17.45 (150ml),

Hada Labo deliver game changing anti aging results
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

This product really has the perfect name. The Super Hydrator offers a unique combination o ingredients that are proven to effectively rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Featuring multiple types of HA that work collectively with the collagen, retinol and tetra-peptides, makes this an anti-aging force not to be reckoned with.

Specifically formulated to provide unrivalled anti-aging benefits, this product ticks every box. Combining Super Hyaluronic Acid that work in unison with the other key ingredients, you can enjoy some spectacular results. After just a week of using this serum-like lotion skin appeared significantly firmer, smoother, and totally rejuvenated. Furthermore, this amazing product is fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types (yay). Featuring:


This results of including retinol is the stuff of skincare dreams. Collagen and elastin production are boosted, and skin can’t help but look amazing.


Provides a foundation to the skin, helping to maintain and improve skin texture, structure and appearance, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Super Hyaluronic Acid™:

Proprietary combination of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid. Powerful hydrator and skin plumper that provides multi-layer, long-lasting moisture to restore and strengthen skin’s natural hydration levels.

3.Hada Labo Tokyo™ Anti-Ageing Night Repair Cream, £19.95 (50ml),

Hada Labo delivers game changing anti-aging results
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

This multitasking overnight treatment targets the face and neck to provide outstanding anti-aging results. Including the restorative properties of a serum within a richly hydrating cream ensures you are receiving optimal rejuvenating support – all whilst you sleep! We tried the cream and were truly impressed. Skin looks significantly firmer, plumper and smoother. Better yet, its lightweight formula quickly absorbs into the skin, so you can quickly drift off into a super optimal beauty sleep. Expect to awaken to a complexion of rejuvenated luminosity. We love this night cream.

Super Hyaluronic Acid™:

Hada Labo Tokyo delivers game changing anti-aging results
Credit: Hada Labo Tokyo

Containing varying types of HA, this formula offers potent skin-hydrating and plumping results. This achieves multi-layer and long-lasting benefits that you will love (until the jar is empty).

Soy Peptide Complex:

An innovative blend of soy protein, seaweed extract and a patented peptide. These remarkable ingredients work in unison, delivering next-level anti-aging and skin strengthening support. Take that, pesky lines!


Improves skin texture and firmness.

Japanese Honeysuckle:

Hada Labo Tokyo has combined this ingredient due to its incredible skin calming and soothing abilities.

Hada Labo Tokyo products are available to buy online at Amazon and Superdrug.


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