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The Gourmet Food Delivery Service That Takes Delicious To A Whole New Level

There’s nothing worse than splurging on a food delivery service and when  it finally arrives, you wish you hadn’t bothered. We feel your pain. Well, now you can wave goodbye to mediocrity. We have found the best gourmet food delivery service in the world. That’s right friends. Love Yourself food delivery service takes delicious to a whole new level.  Optimal nutrition and individuality combined with a top-class gourmet chef and nutritionist, Love Yourself has all the ingredients for a world-class food service. Their gourmet chef creates impeccable dishes that ooze nourishment and mouth-watering flavours. Love Yourself repel in horror at any mention of the word ‘processed’. You will only find the freshest ingredients in their kitchen.

gourmet food delivey so tasty
Credit: Love Yourself

This outstanding gourmet food service provides an incredible selection of veritable menus, guaranteed to satisfy every taste bud. Love Yourself caters for every dietary requirement, ensuring you enjoy the ultimate cuisine of culinary delight. We had the absolute pleasure of reviewing the Love Yourself dishes and we were blown away. Warning: once you have dipped your metaphorical toes in this sensory heaven, you’ll never want to settle for another delivery service again!

Love Yourself Food Delivery Service Features:

the gourmet food delivery service that exceeds expectations
Credit: Love Yourself

Cooked every day with daily fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

No additives, preservatives or processed foods.

An array of calorie options.

Outstanding gourmet chef and nutritionist to prepare your meals.

Each meal is scannable via MyFitnessPal app to ensure you keep track of calories and micro-nutrients.

Convenient, healthy and delicious food delivered straight to your door.

15 unbelievably tasty menus.

Choose your plans, track your meals, reorder. Quick and easy to order process.

What Makes Love Yourself Food So Special?

love yourself food delivery service takes the word delicious to a whole new level
Credit: Love Yourself

A key reason Love Yourself is in a league of its own, is the care that goes into looking after every customer. Ordering from these guys is a uniquely refreshing experience. It becomes immediately clear that your preferences and requirements are the focus of each meal prepared.

The fine-dining service creates unequivocally mouth-watering dishes optimised for ultimate health. Wave goodbye to bland diets that make you yearn for a Chinese. Love Yourself transforms dieting into a trend we all want to follow. Expect balanced nutrition, tantalising flavours and no fuss.

Check Out the Love Yourself Gourmet Food Menus:

Love Yourself meals that are super tasty
Credit: Love Yourself

The diet menu options: Balanced, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Halal, Performance, Helal Balanced, Dairy Free, Keto Plan, Low Carb, Veto, Platinum, Mini, Pescatarian, and Single Meals.

We had the delight of reviewing the Balanced Diet Menu – and let us just say – the food is to die for.

Breakfast: Courgette & Ricotta Baked Eggs, Young Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

Beginning the day with a Michelin star-worthy breakfast guarantees your day will be nothing but spectacular. Breakfast consisted of courgette and ricotta baked eggs with young spinach and cherry tomatoes. The food was so delicious it totally changes your view of food delivery. Cooked to perfection and exactly to our requirements, Love Yourself has raised the bar for all food delivery services. Having the knowledge that your meals have been carefully prepared to ensure you receive all the necessary nutrients takes all the stress out of meal planning.

Snack AM: Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup

If you think there isn’t much you can do to make soup a sensory delight, think again. We have tasted soup at many 5-star restaurants, and we can honestly say this is one of the best. This must be the most optimal fusion of nourishment and exquisite flavours.

Lunch: Beef Stew and Carrot Mash:

There’s beef stew and then there’s BEEF STEW. Enveloped in a comforting blanket of love, this stew transports your happy place. Bursting with flavour, it is perfectly complemented by the tastiest carrot mash you will ever try. We are wondering whether sorcery may be involved here – when you try it, you’ll get what we mean. How can carrot mash be that good? Expect to be full and yet somehow wish you had a limitless supply.

Snack PM: Strawberries and Cream

What can we say? Feeling pampered and pretty special.

Dinner: Greek Stuffed Peppers

This is our favourite dish. The Greek Stuffed Peppers are outrageously good,  Each mouthful offers a perfect combination of flavours that create utter pleasure for your senses. Expect to be blown away.

Will we order this irresistible gourmet food again? Repeat subscription box checked!

Love Yourself states this is for you if:

the gourmet food delivery service thattakes delicious to a whole new level
Credit: Love Yourself

You want effective weight management.

You want a balanced diet that is dairy free.

You want to eat hassle free, stress free and guilt free.

You need to save time.

This is not for you if:

You suffer from a severe egg or nut allergy

You suffer from IBS

You want a high protein diet.

Delivery & Pricing

Love Yourself deliver each day: their 5 meals include 1 breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.

We chose the Balanced Diet menu. Each menu comes with the option of 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500 calories.

You decide on the duration: 1, 5, 6 days or: 4 weeks (Mon to Fri), 4 weeks (Mon to Sat), 8 weeks (Mon to Fri), 8 weeks (Mon to Sat).

Extremely affordable for fine-dining, calorie and nutrition-focused meals. The cost of each meal is between £25-£35. Pricing varies slightly depending on the menu choice. The cost for a day’s menu (Balanced DIet) is £115.

You can choose a one-time purchase or choose a subscription and save 10%.. Better yet, order any 4 or 8 week plan and receive 15% discount with code GETHEALTHY.

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