when life gets a bit hairy grab jolen

When Life Gets A Little Hairy, Use Jolen

Wait, what? It appears that we’re amid a heatwave – in May, no less – and no one is prepared. While peach fuzz is fine, if you prefer your life a little less hairy, we recommend using Jolen. Although IPL and laser hair are great hair removal methods, they are also costly and time consuming. Epilators bring the stress of stubbly regrowth to the mix.

So, if unwanted hair is an issue, Jolen has your back (um). Jokes aside, having tested all hair removal treatments, we can reveal some seriously smooth results. Leading beauty brand, Jolen, offers fast and effective at-home treatments, for tackling the issue of excess hair. Whether you wish to conceal or remove facial, or body hair, Jolen’s Crème Bleach and Wax Strips will give you amazing results.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jolen’s Crème Bleach and Wax Strips. We look at the benefits of bleaching vs. waxing. Learn about their effectiveness, safety, and suitability. This information will help you choose the best method and product for you. Read the pros and cons of using Jolen Crème Bleach and Wax Strips. Don’t forget to check out our verdict, and frequently asked questions, too.

Benefits of Bleach Vs. Waxing; Which is Better?

If you find yourself in a hair removal quandary, this article is a must-read. Scroll down to discover the benefits of these two treatments to help you decide which option is right for you.


when life gets fuzzy use Jolen
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Some people are unaffected by excess hair, which is great. However, it can hugely affect the confidence of others. If it is an issue, but you can’t get on with waxing, you may want to consider hair lightening alternative. Bleaching is an ideal solution for reducing the appearance of excess facial and body hair.

The benefits of bleaching include no irritation or redness; hence, minimal downtime. It is fast, effective, and safe to use. Bleaching is a great way of dealing with the burden of unwanted hair at home.

A pain-free, ten-minute application allows for long-lasting results (up to four weeks). With no risk of irksome ingrown hairs, you can regain your confidence with ease. For those with sensitive skin, opt for Jolen Crème Bleach Sensitive.


friends waxing body

This is a highly-rated method of hair removal that effectively removes all excess hair, leaving it silky soft and fuzz-free for weeks. Jolen’s Face Wax Strips are easy-to-use, fast, and inexpensive. The discomfort is minimal, making this a perfect at-home hair removal method.

When waxing, you should be prepared for a little discomfort. Also, a little downtime is needed to allow any redness to subside. Additionally, you will need to wax regularly to ensure you target the various stages of hair regrowth.

Jolen Wax Strips have received countless 5-star reviews for effectiveness and customer satisfaction. If you don’t mind a little pain, this cost-effective hair removal method is well-worth a try.

If you use wax strips, it can be beneficial to use the Jolen Crème Bleach in-between treatments.

Jolen Crème Bleach, £4.35 (30 ml), www.boots.com

Whgets a little hairy, use Jolenen life
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Hair lightening is perfect for those who feel self-conscious about excess facial or body hair, but who don’t want the hassle of repeated hair removal. Jolen Crème Bleach comes as a cream and powder. Once mixed and applied, the formula speedily lightens any excess dark hair. In fact, hair lightening is achieved in just ten minutes!

How Does Jolen Crème Bleach Work?

when life gets a bit hairy, use Jolen
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Firstly, simply mix, then apply the non-drip formula, and give it ten minutes. Unwanted facial and body hair lightens to a far less noticeable shade. Moreover, it even blends with natural skin tones – making this a go-to, for dealing with the unwanted hair drama.

Is the Crème Bleach Safe to Use Everywhere?

when life gets a little hairy, use Jolen
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Jolen Crème Bleach is safe to use on even very sensitive parts of the face and body. The great thing being that you can quickly and safely treat the smallest, or larger sections of skin, with minimal fuss.

The formula blends in seamlessly with natural skin tones, whilst leaving skin colour unaffected. Jolen can be used as a facial bleach, to successfully lighten the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and sideburns. It is also effective on the arms, back, stomach, thighs, and other parts of the body. However, it should never be used on pubic hair.

Is Jolen Crème Bleach Suitable for Everyone?

Yes. This hair lightener is suitable for all skin colours and tones.

When is Jolen Crème Bleach Unsuitable for Use?

when not to use jolen hair removal

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As with most products, you should always do a patch test 24 hours before initial application, to ensure you are not allergic.

Never use Jolen straight after a hot bath or shower, as this can cause oversensitivity. Wait 24 hours after application before sunbathing. Jolen is considered safe for pregnant women. However, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor.


Affordable and long-lasting

Safe, gentle, and effective at-home treatment.

Suitable for all skin colours and tones.

Fast and fuss-free method of minimizing the appearance of excess hair.


Doesn’t remove hair.

Jolen Face Wax Strips, £2.85 (Pack of 16), www.amazon.co.uk

deal with unwanted hair
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Jolen’s Face Wax Strips have received high acclaim for their effectiveness. Providing a fast route to smooth and hair-free skin, these wax strips are the obvious choice to make.

What are the Benefits of Jolen Wax Strips?

The pre-coated wax strips offer fast and long-lasting hair removal. Not only does the wax effectively remove all unwanted hair, but it also takes off any dead skin cells too. The outcome of which is a mini-facial, and smooth, soft, and rejuvenated skin.

Visiting your local clinic is not just a pain in the backside, but it is a costly experience. Jolen Wax Strips are the ideal alternative. Convenient and easy-to-use at home, this hair removal product will feel like a heaven-sent gift. Anyone watching their finances (that’ll be most of us), or who are too life-frazzled to find time for salon visits will love tese wax strips.

Jolen’s wax strips give you smooth skin for up to four weeks. Furthermore, hair regrowth is reduced, and hairs grow back finer. That’s a win, win.

Are Jolen Wax Strips Suitable for Everyone?

when life gets a bit hairy grab jolen
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Jolen Wax Strips are suitable for all skin types. Those with more sensitive skin should opt for Jolen’s Sensitive Skin Wax Strips for Face.


Highly effective at-home hair removal treatment.

Affordable and convenient.

Hair regrowth is fewer and finer.

Removes dead skin cells as well as hair.

Achieves long-lasting and super-smooth results.


Comes with a little pain (but, then – no pain, no game).

A little downtime is needed following waxing, due to temporary redness.

Hair must be a minimum of ¼ Inch to work (anywhere on the body).

Our Conclusion

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To sum up, both the Jolen Crème Bleach and Wax Strips offer amazing results for quickly tackling the bind of excess hair.

For those who are concerned with facial hair, we highly recommend using the Jolen Wax Strips for Face. Waxing should be done at regular intervals, in order to target the different cycles of hair growth. As such, Jolen Crème Bleach provides the perfect interim treatment.

These two skincare products are the go-to for people with busy lives. The convenience of at-home hair removal, along with the salon-worthy results Jolen achieves, makes these true hero products. We suggest that everyone keeps some Jolen for those hair emergency days.

Jolen Crème Bleach costs £4.35 (30 ml), and is available to buy at www.boots.com. Jolen Wax Strips for Face is priced at £2.85 (Pack of 16), and is available to buy at www.amazon.co.uk

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