Celebrating autumn and winter with Earthy nails wonderfall set

Celebrate Autumn In Style With Earthy Nails’ WonderFall Collection

Celebrate autumn’s colourful majesty in style with the brand-new WonderFall collection by Earthy Nail Polish. Providing this season’s four main colour trends in the richest, glossiest and prettiest of pigments, Earthy’s WonderFall set is the only nail polish kit you’ll want to wear.

Team L A Beauty had the honour of testing Earthy’s new nail polish set. Read on to discover what’s inside the WonderFall collection, occasion-wearing inspo, and which colour we love the most!

Why Choose Earthy Nails WonderFall Collection?

Celebrate autumn in style with Earthy Nails' Wonderfall Collection
                                             Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

You’ve heard of therapy dogs – well, now there’s therapy polish. Earthy’s new Autumn/Winter Collection reflects the rich, warm colours of the season, evoking deep comfort and cosy nights at home.

What’s Inside The WonderFall Set?

Celebrate Autumn in style with Earthy's new WonderFall collection
                                                                         Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Inside the new WonderFall set are four of the most on-trend nail colours to see you through the autumn and winter months in total style. Let’s take a look below

1.Bordeaux, £7.99 individually or £24.99 for the WonderFall Set, www.earthynailpolish.com

Enjoy the autumn winter with gorgeous nail polish by Earthy Nails
                                     Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Draw the curtains, light a candle, throw another log on the fire, and sip your glass of Bordeaux. The Bordeaux nail polish is Earthy’s highly pigmented classic red wine hue. This polish is the perfect finishing touch, whether you are dressed to impress or snuggled up on the sofa with the love of your life.

2. Celestial Blue, £7.99 or £24.99 for the WonderFall Set, www.earthynailpolish.com

Celebrate the season in style with Earthy Nails Wonderfall set
                                 Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Next, feast your eyes on Earthy’s Celestial Blue, a gorgeous, moody navy blue hue to mirror the deep, mysterious autumnal sky. Pair the irresistible Celestial Blue with your blue jeans and oversized super-comfy jumper.

3. Cocoa Bean, £7.99 or £24.99 for the WonderFall Set, www.earthynailpolish.com

Celebrate autumn  and winter with Earthy nail polish
                        Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Get ready to hit the shops because this gorgeous warm brown shade works so well with your trench coat and boots. Perfect for those shopping trips or afternoons out with your bestie.

4. Forever Green, £7.99 or £24.99 for the WonderFall Collection, www.earthynailpolish.com

Welcome the season with stylish colours wonderfall set
                                Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Earthy Nails’ stunning bold green polish is your little bottle of confidence for when you need it most. Wear this statement hue when you need to be assertive and strong. Think  – a job interview or work presentation.

Our favourite of them all is Earthy’s Celestial Blue. Cannot. Get. Enough.

Why We Love Earthy Nail Polish

Celebrating autumn and winter with Earthy nails wonderfall set
                                                                          Credit: Earthy Nail Polish

Firstly, Earthy’s high shine and long-lasting nail polishes are in a league of their own. These rich, high-quality colours truly are irresistible. Better yet, Earthy Nail Polish cares about your nail health. Combined in their formulas are calcium and magnesium to achieve and maintain good nail health.  For optimal results, wear with the Earthy base and top coats.

The award-winning plant-based formulas are ISO 16128 and 21 free, contain naturally sourced ingredients, are leaping bunny and cruelty-free approved, and are certified vegan.

Furthermore, their sustainable bamboo cap diminishes the single-use plastic cap. In fact, a recent carbon study shows Earthy has saved 55,000 KG of CO2 emissions by using bamboo.

For more reading inspo, ‘Earthy Nail Polish Treatments Collection.’

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