The one moisturiser very body loves

This Is The Moisturiser Every Body Loves

There is no limit to the sheer effort and time we put in to obtaining our holy grail of facial moisturisers. After all, we all want hero products that deliver age-defying nourishment, right? So, why don’t we treat the rest of our skin the same?

When it comes to keeping your skin in tip-top condition, there’s one moisturiser that every single body will love. Let us introduce you to the award-winning natural skincare brand, Jane Scrivner’s newest launch. From the Intense Conditioning Range Body, comes some true bodycare magic; behold, The Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser. This hero product will soon become a leading warrior in your skincare arsenal.

Not to mention any names, but a few of us are dealing with Sahara skin syndrome. We are way past words like, ‘dry’ and ‘parched.’ Let’s just say it’s in dire need of some conditioning support. Should you suffer from similar skincare woes, read on. This Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser quickly diminishes such skin concerns, helping you achieve your skincare goals (and a big dreamy skin tick).

Jane Scrivner Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser

the one moisturiser every body loves
         Credit: Jane Scrivner

The moment you begin to smooth this Intense Conditioning Body (And Hand) Mosituriser into your skin, you know it’s going to be good. Incredibly lightweight, the luxurious moisturiser makes you feel like the ultimate pampered goddess. This all-over body cream is enriched with the natural goodness of nourishing oils, to ensure you feel and look amazing. Moreover, it will soon become a ritual feature in your daily beauty routine.

Jane Scrivner’s Body Moisturiser is cleverly formulated to supply an intensive, targeted micro hydration. Packed to the brim with key ingredients, proven to effectively replenish, condition, and hydrate – this instant treatment transforms even the driest and undernourished skin. Expect an immensely conditioned body of silky-smooth luminosity.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

The one moisturiser very body loves
                                          Credit: Jane Scrivner

Neroli Hydrosol

Neroli contains an army of powerful antioxidants that work tirelessly to protect and repair the skin. Better yet, it is shown to reduce dryness and irritation, whilst improving hydration and softness.

Rose Hydrosol

Rose is combined due to its exceptional anti-inflammatory, soothing, and hydrating qualities. Should you suffer from inflamed, irritated, and sensitive skin, this component is a must.

Organic Apricot

Not many people are aware of this, but apricot is brimming with vitamin A. Once applied, it surges to the deeper layers of skin, providing maximum moisturising and regenerative support. Moreover, this ingredients’ fatty acids work as non-greasy emollients, that further nourish and restore skin dryness. Hello petal-soft skin!

Organic Camelina

The moisturising and protective benefits supplied by camelina are undeniable. Its components include vitamin E and omegas; together, they thwart free radical damage and deliver long-lasting moisturization.

Other Outstanding Ingredients and Benefits

Hibiscus Extract

the one moisturiser very body loves
                                                 Credit: Pixabay

Youthful skin requires a healthy, strong, skin cell barrier. Alas, this is where age strikes again. Fortunately, Jane Scrivner’s Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser has a trick up its sleeve. The hibiscus plant is shown to inhibit the breakdown of elastin, no less! The betain-rich formula offers a multitude of other benefits too. Providing anti-cellulite, firming, hydrating, plumping, and toning properties, we can bravely put two fingers up at the age gremlin.

Olive Oil Extract

If aging is a concern, then keep reading. The antioxidants and vitamins contained in olive oil can impede the process of skin aging. Its antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, team up to tackle signs of premature aging, whilst delivering outstanding moisturizing support.

Organic Jojoba Milk

This super-light liquid is bursting with protective qualities for the skin.  This is because jojoba’s phospholipids supply barriers to the skin’s cellular membranes. Given its fast absorbing and nurturing capabilities, jojoba is key for delivering effective rejuvenating results.

Wild Plum Extract

What can we say? Using wild plum translates as beautiful skin luminosity.

Cleanse Essential Oil Blend

everyone likes this conditioner for skin
                                                     Cedit: Pixabay

Included in the Jane Scrivner Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser, is a unique blend of pure essential oils that replenish and revitalise the skin. Combining black pepper, cypress, grapefruit, juniper, and sweet fennel, your skin will enjoy the ultimate cleansing, and circulation boosting properties.


Jane Scrivner Intense Body Clenaser, £38 (150 ml),

Jane scrivner body cleanser
                                                 Credit: Jane Scrivner

We have discovered the pinnacle of natural skincare.  Given the body misturiser’s unrivalled benefits, it is at the top of team L A Beauty’s most cherished list. The Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser’s star-worthy ingredients and targeted micro hydration, guarantee optimal skin transformative results.

The quickly absorbing formula ensures truly impressive results. After just one application, skin that resembled sandpaper was significantly improved. After two applications, there were no signs of dryness or flaking (even by the following day). Instead, the once ‘rough as old boots’ skin, is now boasting healthy, nourished radiance. Yay!

We are head-over-heels in love with this body moisturiser. Should you suffer from dry or dull skin, or concerned about premature aging, this skincare product is worth every penny.

Further Information

If you want optimal results and continued pampered luxury (who the hell doesn’t?), incorporate the Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser into your daily skincare routine. It works even better, when used in conjunction with the Jane Scrivner Intense Body Cleanser, £38 (150ml).  Available to buy at

The Jane Scrivner Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser is priced at £38 (150ml), and available to buy at

For further information and to view the fantastic new Intense Body Conditioning Range, visit

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