the best preparation for date night

The Perfect Date Night Prep Guide

Even the most confident of us are a little anxious on the run-up to date night. Using the right skincare and beauty products to prepare for the perfect date can be a tad daunting.

If your date happens to be someone you’ve been after for ages, it can send your anxiety levels into overload. You don’t want to overdo it – but then, you want to make sure your date is suitably transfixed with you (and not the bar attendant).

Fear not! We have compiled the perfect date night prep guide. Read on to discover the must-have beauty items to help you quickly transform in true Cinderella style. All that’s left is bagging that dress and some properly fitting shoes!

1. For Date Night Use: GLO32 Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, £10 (100 ml),

the perfect date night prep guide
Credit: GLO32

There’s nothing nicer than having a lovely smile (and nothing that hides the shock when someone smiles with badly stained teeth). Poor oral hygiene is one of the biggest turn-offs for prospective partners.

Fortunately, now we can safely whiten our teeth without causing unbearable sensitivity or fear they may just fall out altogether. The vegan friendly GLO32 Advanced Whitening Toothpaste’s non-abrasive formula contains coconut oil.

This ensures a healthy, gentle, yet highly effective teeth whitening method.  After testing many whitening products, GLO32 is our firm favourite. This toothpaste ticks all the boxes: whiter teeth, fresh breath, and no nasty adverse reactions!

2. Ultimate Teeth Prep: GLO32 Advanced Whitening Strips x 28, £20,

the perfect date night prpe guide
Credit: GLO32

Want to go the extra mile to achieve the perfect smile, but don’t fancy all the faff of using mixes and trays? GLO32’s Advanced Whitening Strips is the answer. This 14-day treatment guarantees you will be flashing those super-white gnashers in no time.

More importantly, GLO32’s natural formula is totally safe to use.  Made with coconut oil, these strips offer the best and most healthy way to effectively diminish evidence of your coffee or tea drinking obsession! Hello beautiful smiles.

3. Fully Prepare: Jane Scrivner Intense Conditioning Body Moisturiser, £38 (150 ml),

The one moisturiser very body loves
Credit: Jane Scrivner

Making sure your skin is healthy, hydrated, and radiant is a must – especially on date night. The last thing you want, is for things to heat up, only to have skin that feels like a pumice stone!

If you suffer from dehydrated skin – or just want to feel super pampered in time for some romance, this Intense Conditioning Body Mosituriser is the only body moisturiser to use. Simply apply, and get ready for the compliments to flood in. Still not convinced. Read our review.

4. St. Moriz Clear Complexion Face Tanning Mist, £6.99,

the best preparation for date night
Credit: St. Moriz

This is one smart self-tanning product. Should you suffer from breakouts or oily skin, this tanning mist is your bag. The mist is formulated with salicylic acid of which effectively targets spots.

Better yet, it combines a rich supply of aloe and vitamin E; thus, offering optimal nourishment and repair support. And the tan? On the day of your date, quickly apply this fast-absorbing self-tanning mist. Allow up to 8 hours for the tan to fully develop – then look in the mirror and smile (with your newly whitened teeth)! So easy.

5. Perfect Prep: St. Moriz Advanced Tan Applicator and Buffing Brush, £8.99,

best beauty products to get ready for romance
Credit: St Moriz

There’s only one way to ensure you achieve a flawless and streak-free tan (other than sunning it in the Maldives for a month). St. Moriz Applicator and Buffing Brush is designed to make your self-tanning life SO much easier. Once you try this you will wonder why the hell you waited so long.  The tanning tool seamlessly blends and buffs, to create the ultimate of self-tans. We love this!

6. OPV Beauty Matter Lip in Crush, £7.99,

gorgeous preparation for dates
Credit: OPV Beauty

If, like us, you love a matte finish, we have found just the perfect treat. Check out the new lipstick launch from OPV Beauty. Featuring 25 luscious lip colours to suit every mood and style, you are guaranteed to find a beautiful hue to suit.

We tried OPV Beauty’s Matte Lip in Crush. Seamless application, gorgeous colour, and a long-lasting, matte finish. The results are spot-on every time. This matte lipstick gets extra points for staying put (and even) for many hours to come. Making it the only lipstick to use for your evening of lurve.

Happy date night!

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