The 4 Best Self-Tan Products of 2020

Hey Lovelies! Just because we are on lockdown doesn’t mean we have to forfeit our tan. Check out 4 of the best self-tan formulas, guaranteed to achieve a flawless Insta-worthy tan, and bring you endless smiles (or at least until you re-apply). 1. For A Luminous Self-Tan Choose: Tan-Luxe Wonder Oil Illuminating Self-Tan Oil, £45... Continue Reading →

The Best Self-Tan Products Of 2019

Hey Lovelies! Checking out the best self-tanners of 2019 (no streaks guaranteed). Okay guys, ready or not here comes the hot weather and it’s time to get your glow on. Pasty legs in short flowery dresses are NOT a good look - but fear not! Whether you want to cover those bruises (a-hem, me), achieve... Continue Reading →

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