When it comes to self tanners st moriz has your back and front

When It Comes To Self-Tanning, St. Moriz Has Your Back (And Your Front)

After18 months of hideousness that has been our Covid-stricken lives, boy do we need a good summer. The Gods have smiled on us, for we are about to enjoy another gorgeous heat wave (yay). For those who don’t wish to risk the danger associated with UV rays and a bag of premature aging, read on. St. Moriz will ensure you achieve the most glorious fake tan of all. Check out the following self-tanners to keep you looking like a glowing goddess in the summer sun!

1. St Moriz Advanced Face Mist, Medium, £10.99 (15ml), www.stmoriz.co.uk

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Credit: St. Moriz

Tanning mists have soared in popularity. They’re affordable, so easy to use and work like a dream. We are huge fans of St. Moriz and their face mist is of the best around. Included in this formula is nourishing aloe and vitamin E. The super ingredients offer incredible moisturising, soothing and protective qualities. Providing a perfect golden glow, the mist will become your #1 tanning solution. New favourite? We think so!

2.St. Moriz Advanced Gradual Dry Skin Self-Tanning Serum, £12.99 (150ml), www.stmoriz.co.uk

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Credit: St. Moriz

Should you suffer from dry skin, applying self-tans can sometimes prove tricky. Even with proper prep, there are always some pesky dry areas that stubbornly refuse to glow. Until now. Behold, the St. Moriz Advanced Gradual Dry Skin Serum. The lightweight serum quickly absorbs in to the skin. It combines hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, guaranteeing ultimate moisture is locked in and going nowhere.

All you need to do is apply and then relax in the knowledge your self-tan is busily developing an ingenious tanning creation. Soon, you will be looking in slack-jawed amazement at your outstanding (and non-streaky) golden glow. The formula is long-lasting, transfer-proof and available in various shades. Team with a pretty pink summer dress and heels!

3. St. Moriz Original Instant Airbrush Self-Tanning Leg Mist, Medium, £4.99 (100ml), www.stmoriz.co.uk

Fake tan products by st moriz
Credit: St. Moriz

Got a hot date lined up? Have minimal time to prepare ? Don’t worry – instead, bag yourself a bottle of St. Moriz Airbrush Mist. The mist is a literal saviour when tights are a no-go. Spray on, and smile at your RL filtered legs. Should you lack in leg confidence, this Instant Airbrush Mist will give the glow (and the boost) you need.

4.St Moriz Advanced Instant Colour Correcting Tanning Mousse, £9.99 (200ml), Medium, www.boots.com

When it comes to self tanning st moriz has your back and your front
Credit: St. Moriz

You’ve heard of colour correctors for the face, right? Well, now there is a self-tan colour corrector for your body. This formula seamlessly conceals blemishes, imperfections and redness, revealing the most enviable tanned finish around. As with all St. Moriz products, this colour-correcting tanner delivers nothing less than a professional-looking finish. Expect many compliments and some jealous stares. Enjoy.

5. St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula Express Tan Foaming Water, £10.99 (200ml), www.boots.com

When it comes to self-tanners, St. Mriz has your back and your front
Credit: St. Moriz

When it comes to achieving the exact amount of glowing gorgeousness you desire, this self-tanner is king. The formula is designed to provide you with complete control over your required shade. The developing time is: One hour (light),  three hours (medium) and six hours (dark). Simply apply, wait until you have the perfect golden glow and then wash off. Simple. Whether you are a tanning newbie or a pro, globally loved St. Moriz delivers outstanding results.

No hassle, no mess, no streaks (and no tears because it’s patchy and you’ve ran out of tan remover)! Each time we review St. Moriz we are blown away at how easy it is to achieve an amazing, bronzed tan. Furthermore, we always fight over the remains of our bottle of tan enhancer!

For optimal results, use in conjunction with the St. Moriz Exfoliating Skin Primer, £4.99 (200ml), www.stmoriz.co.uk

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