Have fun with world oyster days cocktails and ysters

Celebrate World Oyster Day In Style With NOILLY PRAT®

Tomorrow is World Oyster Day. Should you be partial to this delicacy, read on. To celebrate, NOILLY PRAT® is offering an irresistible partnering at Sussex Restaurant. Enjoy unbeatable flavours of NOILLY PRAT® cocktails that complement the most exquisite oysters. Sit back and relax on the Noilly Prat terrace and savour some heavenly magic with friends. What could be better?

World Oyster Day With NOILLY PRAT® FAQs:

Celebrate World Oyster Day in style with Noilly Prat
Credit: Noilly Prat / Sussex Restaurant

In true celebration of World Oyster Day (5th August) Noilly Prat® Vermouth, the ‘original French vermouth crafted by the sea,’ will be partnering with Sussex Bar and Restaurant in London’s Soho. Guests will be treated to the most optimal pairing discoverable, whilst relaxing on the alfresco terrace.

However, should you be isolating or unable to visit, don’t panic. NOILLY PRAT® is offering a wide selection of tantalizing cocktail recipes to sip (not glug) with your oysters.

Celebrate World Oyster Day in style with Noilly Prat
Credit: Noilly Prat & Sussex Restaurant

Expect an ethereal-like transportation of the senses. These ultimate pairings for World Oyster Day are so good you can close your eyes and almost breathe in the air from the Mediterranean Sea. By teaming the ‘Olivette’ cocktail with insanely good AAA Maldon rock oysters you can unveil the taste of its home in the South of France. You can expect an unequivocally delightful experience and your oysters freshly shucked to order at their NOILLY PRAT terrace, Sussex Restaurant, Soho.

Celebrate World Oyster Day in style with Noilly Prat
Credit: Noilly Prat & Sussex Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the joys of summer by partnering these heavenly oysters with the globally loved Noilly Prat Original Dry. Let your taste buds experience an explosion of pleasure with its unique flavour combo of Roman chamomile, nutmeg and Tunisian bitter orange. The mineral elements and salinity of these superstar oysters create the formula for an unmissable taste.

Guests can enjoy 2 Olivette cocktails with a plate of 12 oysters for just £20 on World Oyster Day! Booking: www.sussex-restaurant.com



Revered by the world’s top chefs, the best way to experience the aperitif is with a twist of lemon, over ice and served alongside a tray of AAA Maldon rock oysters.


Inspired by Noilly Prat’s heritage, this must-have cocktail combines Noilly Prat® Original Dry, sparkling water and frozen grapes. Mouth-watering!


Celebrate World Oyster Day with this delicious cocktail. Including revitalising sub-zero Oxley Gin, Noilly Prat® and St. Germain, we can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon!

If you love the sound of this (who the hell wouldn’t?), be quick and reserve a table.

A plate of 12 oysters and 2 Olivette cocktails are priced at £20 on Thursday, 5th of August, for World Oyster Day. To book visit, www.sussex-restaurant.com.

Noilly Prat Terrace is situated at 63-64 Frith St, Soho, London. W1G 3JW.

Follow Noilly Prat on Instagram: @MaisonNoillyPrat

Discover more info and recipes at www.sussex-restaurant.com

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