Stop pcking up bugs; pick up puressentiel instead

Stop Picking Up Bugs; Pick Up Puressentiel Products Instead

Are you tired of picking up bugs and dealing with back-to-back illnesses?  Puressentiel’s purifying products tackle all manner of bacteria, viruses and bugs. This award-winning wellness brand promotes optimal health for the entire family. Pick up Puressentiel and feel stellar instead of sick.

Puressentiel Purifying Products

We share all the must-know facts about Puressentiel purifying products. Learn about Puressentiel’s many health benefits. Read our review of Pureesentiel Purifying Air Spray and Anti-Pest Fabric Spray. Discover what makes this the go-to natural health brand for achieving ultimate protection and well-being. Learn the key ingredients, pros and cons, and our conclusion. Don’t forget to check our FAQs section for additional support.

Why Choose Puressentiel’s Products?

Stop pcking up bugs; pick up puressentiel instead

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘Yeah, but what makes this award-winning French self-care brand’s products so great?’ We’ll tell you. 

There’s nothing more important than keeping your family protected. We need safe yet effective bug-fighting products in a world where illnesses seem to come from every direction. Puressentiel’s passion for nature, high ethical values and scientifically-backed products give them the edge over most other natural wellness brands. That, and the fact that these products deliver outstanding results.

How Do Essential Oils Prevent Illnesses?

Don't pick up bugs; grab puressentiel products instead
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Essential oils provide a wealth of health and well-being benefits. This natural health alternative boasts antifungal, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory properties (to name just a few).

Puressentiel’s Purifying range feature 41 essential oils. Together, these ingredients pack a healthy yet mighty punch – knocking out any would-be illnesses before they have a chance to cause trouble. 

Breathe Easy With Puressentiel’s Purifying Air Spray, £19.99 (200ml),

Don't get ill- get Puressentiel air purifyer
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Read on if you yearn for clean, odour-free air with mood-boosting properties. The Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray works fast at eliminating bacteria, viruses and mould (whilst removing bad smells – even the stench radiating from your teenage son’s bedroom). Instead, rejoice at homes brimming with naturally clean air and peace of mind. Puressentiel’s air purifier is safe for people with asthma too!

Health Benefits:

Stay healthy thwart viruses naturally
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This superhero air purifier has many capabilities. It is 99.9% effective at removing pesky bacteria, viruses and mould. Moreover, the spray is safe on surfaces, fabrics, carpets, and cars. No wonder it won the award for Best New Product Launch of The Healthy Awards in 2020.

Purifying Air Spray: Key Ingredients:

Stop picking up bugs; pick up puressentiel products instead.
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Tea Tree – An essential oil widely known for having unrivalled antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral qualities. Tea tree usage dates back hundreds of years and is highly regarded for its array of health benefits. 

Lemon – Puressentiel includes lemon due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This essential oil improves mood, promotes mental clarity, and reduces stress levels. We’ll be ordering a few boxes then.

Scots Pine – Scots Pine offers powerful respiratory antiseptic qualities.

Thyme Thujanol – Provides a clean and natural aroma whilst supplying potent antiviral support.


Achieve health and wellness naturally with puressentiel products
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  • Natural, highly effective purifying spray. Eliminates bacteria, viruses, mould and bad odours.
  • Protects /thwarts the onset of illnesses.
  • Ideal for people with asthma and is pet-friendly.
  • Free from dye, preservatives and synthetic fragrances.
  • Suitable as an air purifier and for use on surfaces.


  • Not suitable to spray in the presence of children under 30 months; pregnant or breastfeeding women; those with allergies to included ingredients; people susceptible to convulsions or epilepsy, or directly around pets. For the people mentioned above, wait for one hour and air the room before entering.
  • Powerful scent.

Combat The Threat Of A Parasite Invasion With Puressentiel Anti-Pest Fabric Spray, £14.99 (150ml ),

prohibit bugs with these puressentiel items
Credit: Puressentiel

Ensure comfort and peace of mind in your home with Puressentiel’s Anti-Pest Fabric Spray. A fast and highly effective solution for eliminating bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, and other creepy crawlies, this Puressentiel product is a perfect addition to any home.

What Are The Benefits Of Puressentiel Anti-Pest Fabric Spray?

Puressentiel Anti-Pest Fabric Spray is an Ecocert-verified formulation. It successfully destroys and prohibits the reinfestation of pesky dust mites. This excellent spray also kills moths, fleas and bed bugs. 

The great advantage of using this spray is its versatility. You can safely spray bedding, clothing, and all textiles.


anti-pest fabric spray eliminate illness
Credit: Puressentiel
  • 100% Plant origin.
  • Safe and effective anti-pest treatment.
  • 0% propellant gas.
  • Refreshing fragrance.


  • It will eventually run out!


Stop picking up bugs; pick up puressentiel products instead
Credit: Puressentiel

Puressentiel leaves no stone unturned in providing ultimate health and well-being assistance for people and homes. Featuring superior natural products to guarantee better skin, mood, and overall health, Puressentiel is your #1 well-being solution. 

We tried these incredible products by Puressentiel. If bacteria, viruses, pests, and mould is an issue, the Purifying Air Spray and Anti-Pest Fabric Spray will feel like your saviours. These health-promoting products work like a dream. One thing to note is the Purifying Air Spray is an aromatic force not to be reckoned with. You do not need to spray much – be warned if you do, tea tree may be your signature scent for some time!

FAQS: Puressentiel

Does Puressentiel offer other wellness products?

Puressentiel provides a range of unique products that successfully treat a variety of health and well-being concerns. Whether you need support for bites and headlice, muscle pain, sore throats, sinusitis, allergies, or sleep deprivation, Puressentiel products will help. There is even a broad range of products to ensure the best health support for babies (6+ months) right through to 18 years old.  We love Puressentiel’s Back to School Kit, £22.30,

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