must-read oral hygiene tips to ensure you stay protected during flu season

Must-Read Oral Hygiene Tips To Protect You During Flu Season

This year, we have the joy of a Covid-infused flu season. Many people are not aware of the link between poor oral hygiene and becoming a flu season casualty. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to maintain good oral hygiene and stay protected against the onset of illness. Here are some must-read tips to stay safe throughout the winter months.

Noel Abdayem is the dentist and founder of The Humble Co. He offers some valuable advice on how to support optimal oral hygiene, so that you can keep your family safe and well.

1.“Should you change your toothbrush after colds and flu, and if so, why?”

must-read oral hygiene tips to stay protected during flu season
Credit: The Humble Co

Replacing a toothbrush after illness is the ideal thing to do in a perfect world to prevent the transfer of disease and further bacteria growth. The Replaceable Heads Toothbrush (Boots, £6.67) is perfect to replace your toothbrush in a sustainable and conscious way.

The Humble Replaceable Heads Toothbrush is 100% biodegradable and sustainably grown bamboo. It is complete with nylon-6 bristles and eco-friendly packaging. This is the must-have brush for both a cleaner environment and mouth. The Replaceable Heads Toothbrush is priced at £6.67 and is available to buy at

2. “Should you change your toothbrush or store your toothbrush in a different place if a family member has a cold or illness?”

must-read oral hygiene tips to ensure protection during flu season
Credit: The Humble Co.

“It is important to isolate toothbrushes of those who are ill from those who are healthy, to prevent transfer of disease.”

As the risk of contracting pesky bugs soar, and Christmas visits are on the horizon, we need to take added protection. Support the oral health of your family with a Humble Toothbrush Case, £8.99, These 100% sustainably-grown bamboo brush cases are the perfect answer to holiday season travelling. They are also ideal for supplying extra protection when a family member is ill. The cases are lightweight, handy, and the clean conscience choice to make. The Humble Toothbrush Case is priced at £8.99 and is available to buy at

3. “How should you dry and store your toothbrush?”

must-read oral hygiene tips to keep you protected during flu season
Credit: The Humble Co.

“Toothbrushes should always be stored in a dry environment and be kept separate from other peoples’ toothbrushes. This can easily be achieved by using individual holders such as, The Humble Brush Stand (Boots, £2.67).”

To prevent any cross-contamination opt for the Humble Co. Brush Stand, £2.67, Biodegradable and recycled packaging, this carefully carved, and totally sustainable stand is the obvious choice to make. The cute stand is cruelty-free and vegan, too.

Team L A Beauty also love the Natural Humble Floss Picks – Charcoal, £3.99 (pack of 50),

You can view and buy more incredible Humble Co. products at and

Sources: Expert commentary by The Humble Co. founder, Noel Abdayem. Imagery courtesy of The Humble Co.

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