Inroducing UBUNA Drench: Your dreamy skin awaits

Introducing UBUNA Drench: Dreamy Skin Awaits

We can thank science and research for the face-saving anti-aging marvels we have in our arsenal today. Now we can add a new science-backed serum to the list; introducing UBUNA Drench and with it, some seriously dreamy skin. This brand’s skincare range is powered by natural antibody technology.

UBUNA Drench offers a unique combination of specific ingredients proven to deliver significant anti-aging support and a complexion of sheer radiance. Read on to discover what puts UBUNA Drench head and shoulders above the rest.

Japan is recognised for producing game-changing skincare products. Their focus lies in creating highly effective and long-lasting products with pure high-quality ingredients.

UBUNA Drench Antibody Technology

Introducing ubuna drench: dreamy skin awaits
Credit: UBUNA Beauty

Whilst conducting extensive research, the Japanese university unearthed a significant find: the same antibodies used to fight off viruses were found to effectively boost ceramide replenishment, whilst also neutralising skin-damaging antigens. These pesky antigens are caused by exposure to external triggers such as pollution and sun. Left alone, these antigens wreak havoc on the skin. Their goal being to create lines, wrinkles, and skin dullness.

UBUNA Drench is formulated with their unique Ceramide Antibody Complex. Together with a fusion of triple hyaluronic acids and derivatised amino acids, the results are incredible. This targeted moisture delivery provides an unrivalled skincare treatment. Expect optimal hydration, nourishment and radiance!

Extensive research unveiled a remarkable discovery about the anti-aging potential of ostrich eggs. It was found that the unfertilised egg yolks of the Ostrich contain one of the highest concentrations of natural antibodies. These are no ordinary antibodies. Oh no. They help to fight the damaging effects of pesky free radicals with warrior-like power. Consequently, their fast-track to aging is successfully thwarted. Face saved!

Is the Process Humane?

Introducing UBUNA Drench: Your dreamy skin awaits
Credit: UBUNA Beauty

UBUNA are proud to announce they use a totally humane method, whereby the ostrich is completely unharmed. Unfertilised egg yolks are extracted and processed to create their iconic rejuvenating ingredient – natural antibodies.

We had the pleasure of reviewing this serum. We wore only this serum for 2 weeks. Dry skin quickly disappeared, luminosity replaced dullness and fine lines (particularly crow’s feet) were reduced. This gorgeous and super lightweight serum provides truly impressive results. Think of the product as a superior intensive hydration treatment. UBUNA Drench is a must-have for those whose concerns are dehydration, dullness and signs of aging.

UBUNA State:

“UBUNA Beauty is a cross-cultural beauty collaboration formed by beauty creationist Thomas Winarick together with Osamu Maeda of Zeal Cosmetics, Japan. Ubuna is the culmination of 5 years of planning and development, fusing Zeal’s globally-patented Antibody technology with globally accepted skincare trends and accessibilities.”

UBUNA Drench is priced at £180 (30ml), and is available to buy at

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