the best Christmas gift for the science-obsessed child

The Best Christmas Gift For The Science-Obsessed Child

Finding great Christmas gifts for the science-obsessed child is no easy task. We are about to make every parent breathe a sigh of utter relief. The Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track is the perfect Christmas gift for budding scientists. Harnessing invisible forces of gravity and magnetism, this fun present will be a total hit.

The Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track FAQs

the perfect Christmas gift for your science-obsessed child
Credit: Geomag

This incredible gift focuses on the fundamental laws of physics. The STEM product ensures your child is captivated, entertained, and educated. As such, this is a God-send alternative to gaming (no bribery needed to put down the iPad).

Geomag’s award-winning status is due to its ability to make complex laws of physics accessible and easy to understand. This creative game uses invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through a variety of means. Such hands-on attainability is guaranteed to astound and inspire your little scientist.

Spheres within the circuit are set in motion by a unique magnetic cannon. The cannon uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet.

Geomag Mechanics innovative new line encompasses gravity. This next-level construction system is based on the impressive ‘gravity motor’.

For those parents who (like us) scored embarrassingly low grades in science, we will further explain: By using the weight of the Geomag spheres, mechanisms and movements of the Geomag Mechanics structures propel into action.

This motion occurs due to the invisible forces of gravity and magnetism. There is no need for batteries or electric (making this one gift we don’t need to raid the TV remote to operate!).

.Key Features:

The best gift for your science-obsessed child
Credit: Geomag

1. A mechanical and magnetic construction system.

2. A STEM product that can stimulate scientific learning

3. Winners of numerous awards.

4. Suitable for children aged eight and above. Develops imagination, curiosity and understanding, through the science of magnetic construction.

5. The 130 plastic mechanical elements are at the heart of the Gravity system.

6. Made using recycled plastic.

The Geomag Mechanics Loops and Turns Construction Set – 130pc is currently on offer for £24.24 (was £34.99), and is available to buy in store or online at The Entertainer.

Like what you see? Why not check out the Geomag range, available at The Entertainer?

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