the only oral health brand you should buy from right now

The Only Oral Health Brand You Should Buy From, RN

Only one oral health brand should be on your radar if your New Year’s resolutions include better oral health and pearly whites.  The Humble Co. provide more than just eco-friendly and vegan products.  With the Humble Smile Foundation, The Humble Co. funds oral health projects for children in need. Whiten your smile, help the environment, and support children in need; this will actually be a difficult New Year’s resolution to break! Read on.

About: The Humble Co. 

the only dental brand you need on your radar
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The Humble Co. is a much-loved sustainability-focused oral health company. They provide the most innovative products that achieve maximum efficacy whilst ensuring optimal clean living. All of Humble’s products are developed by dentists, thus, guaranteeing expertise and insights into the newest advancements in dental care. The Humble Co. offer affordable oral health products that are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan.

The Humble Co. X Humble Smile Foundation:  Oral Health Matters

The Humble Smile Foundation includes dental professionals across the globe. They are committed to improving good oral health and the overall well-being of children and communities. This collaboration aims to support oral health projects, to benefit children in need. Are you wondering if your one purchase can really make a difference?  It can. So far, the Smile Foundation has completed projects in 105 local communities. It has helped over 30,000 children in over 30 countries worldwide. That’s no easy feat.

Your Purchase Makes A Healthier Lifestyle Possible

dental support from brand only one to purchase from
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Each purchase of a Humble Group product displaying the 1% smile certification helps fund these projects. When buying one of these dental products, 1% goes directly to this cause. Additionally, you can even get a 33% discount on selected Humble products until 15 February at Boots. Great oral health and a sparkly smile awaits!

The Humble Co. Most Popular Products:

1. The Humble Co. Bamboo Adult Toothbrush, £2.67 (Was £4),

the only oral health brand you should buy from right now
Credit: The Humble Co.

This bamboo toothbrush is about as eco-friendly as you can get. The toothbrush consists of the highest-quality nylon bristles and a handle that is made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably sourced bamboo. Even the packaging is environmentally-safe.

2. Triangular Bamboo Toothpicks, £2.67 (Was £4),

The only dental brand to buy from right now
Credit: The Humble Co.

Should your shopping list include toothpicks, make sure they are these dentist-approved bamboo toothpicks.

3. Maintain Optimal Oral Health: Dental Floss In Fresh Mint, The Humble Co., £3.50 (50m),

the only oral health brand you should buy from right now
Credit: The Humble Co.

Created from high-quality nylon, the Humble Co. dental floss ensures seamless flossing without fear of breakage.

FAQS: The Humble Co.

1. Are bamboo dental products worth buying?

Bamboo toothbrushes and oral hygiene products are the best choices by far. The Humble Co. guarantee the highest-quality dental products that achieve superior oral health support. Furthermore, these innovative oral hygiene products are biodegradable. Simply by swapping plastic toothbrushes for bamboo, you actively contribute to reducing global plastic pollution and environmental damage.

Find your nearest Humble store at:

Together, we can make a difference. Be team Humble today.

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