Book review: the book of health hacks, kerry sanson

Book Review: The Book Of Health Hacks, By Kerry Sanson

Self-help books are big news right now. The pandemic scrambled every aspect of life we took for granted. We search for new ways to achieve optimal health and wellness. Dubbed Blue Monday, today is the point whereby many people give up on their New Year’s resolutions. Overwhelmed, often people consider the task too daunting to maintain. However, it need not become a mammoth task. You can greatly improve your health by making a few lifestyle tweaks. Kerry Sanson’s The Book of Health Hacks will help you to succeed.  But how?

The Book Of Health Hacks, By Kerry Sanson, £17.99 (Hardcover),

Book review: the book of health hacks, kerry sanson
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Review: The Book Of Health Hacks

Kerry Sanson’s The Book of Health Hacks makes executing a better, healthier life so seamless you will integrate and perform new habits efficiently. The Book of Health Hacks is clear, concise, and straightforward. Before long, your new health hacks will be as routine as cooking your dinner. Here’s everything you need to know about The Book of Health Hacks. 

Why Are These Health And Wellness Strategies So Effective?

Kerry Sanson’s Book of Health Hacks contains quick strategies and practices designed for easy inclusion into daily routines.  Implementing simple, fast and hassle-free techniques is the easiest way to add long-lasting healthy new habits into your life. 

Mental Health Hacks

Book review: the book of health hacks by Kerry Sanson
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Life moves pretty fast, with a river of ups and downs. Here’s everything to help you quickly regain balance and control while dodging life’s lemons. We highly recommend utilising these hacks. In the life section, you’ll find tips for practising gratitude (an essential wellness hack). Learn about the benefits of breathing techniques to journal writing and meditation.  The Mind section covers the most effective strategies to start living your best life.


Stress continues to be the leading obstacle preventing us from acquiring mental well-being. But not for long – Kerry Sanson helps you to kick lingering stress triggers in the butt and start feeling good. In the well-being section, you will discover a selection of proven health hacks guaranteed to improve well-being. 

Physical Health Hacks 

Book review: the book of health hacks by Kerry Sanson
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The Book of Health Hacks covers quick and easy techniques that take just a few minutes each day. By combining the exercises with a few of the nutritional suggestions, mindfulness (and perhaps even some forest bathing?), you will achieve good fitness and nutrition levels. Expect a dramatic improvement to your overall health.

Conclusion: The Book Of Health Hacks, Kerry Sanson

Book with health techniques for wellbeing
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Kerry Sanson’s Bok of Health Hacks contains 40 proven health hacks that make improving your life feel like a walk in the park (ironically, a walk in the park is an amazing health hack too). 

The best bit? You don’t need to do every single technique in the book. Simply find the most beneficial area (such as improving sleep or reducing anxiety), and follow the guidance. Additionally, this book offers a YouTube link with demonstration videos. 

Furthermore, you will discover expert advice on the benefits of acupressure, face yoga, self-massage, and more!

This book provides gold nuggets of knowledge and support to put you well and firmly on the path to a better future. Achieving healthier goals (and sticking to them) has never been so easy!

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