health and wellness products for 2023

Welcome A Happier Year With These Wellness Products

Like it or loathe it, happiness goes hand-in-hand with good health.  Fortunately, the market is brimming with health and wellness products that bring sheer joy to behold. They make the transition to a healthier and happier version of you so much easier to achieve.  New Year resolutions won’t ever stick without changing your paradigm. However, it’s easy to welcome a happier year with just a few little wellness tweaks.

Read on to discover incredible wellness products to welcome a well-deserved happier year.  We share the best new wellness items to help you look and feel more confident and rejuvenated. #WorldHandsIn!

1.  The Book of Health Hacks by Kerry Sanson, £17.99 (Was £22.50, Hardcover), £6.99 Kindle,

Welcome a happier year with these wellness products
Credit: Sanson Health

Make sure your flight into 2023 is first-class with the help of Kerry Sanson’s Book of Health Hacks.  Amongst the myriad of self-improvement books, why does this one achieve such great results? 

Kerry Sanson’s no-BS approach, expert knowledge and enjoyable, simple and highly effective techniques make those necessary lifestyle tweaks a seamless experience.  Inside you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of advice, hacks and tips for improving every area of your life.

From new insight into healthy eating and fitness to the benefits of breathing, mindfulness, and yoga – the book makes optimal health and happiness actually attainable – and fun!  The Book of Health Hacks gives you the map to life’s gold and equips you with the tools to ensure the journey is a breeze.

 2.  Ultimate Hair Hack: Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Drying System, £279.99,

welcome a happier year with these wellness products
Credit: Shark Clean

Extra time is the one thing we all crave. This year, treat yourself to a Shark and many stress-free mornings.  Shark’s new stone-coloured hair drying system provides an effortless hair drying and styling experience.  This incredible new hair tool must-have enables you to dry and style your locks simultaneously and to the highest standards. Oh, and you know that sinking feeling when you realise it’s not dodgy wiring you smell, but your singed hair instead? You’ll never need to worry about that again.

The FlexStyle offers state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a powerful delivery without causing heat damage to even a strand of hair!  This at-home system comes with five different attachments (including air-wrap curlers).  Expect luscious, smooth and shiny results.  Every.  Single.  Time.

3.  New Year Hair Upgrade: The Hair BossThe Tinted Conditioning Foam, Platinum Pink, £9.99 (200ml),

welcome a happier year with these wellness products
Credit: The Hair Boss

There’s nothing like a hair revamp to boost wellbeing. If you fancy commencing the new year with a new hair shade, check out The Hair Boss Platinum, Pink Tinted Conditioning Foam.  Pink hair hues were huge last year, and after seeing Kate Moss’ latest beautiful pink locks, we guarantee this trend is here to stay.

The lightweight and luxurious formula combines panthenol to protect, soften, and provide a next-level shine boost.  Whether you want to add some subtle pink to your pretty blonde hair or feel like making a full-on pink statement, The Hair Boss is team L A Beauty’s #1 pick.

4.  New Year, New Skin: Clean Your Dirty Face Flash Facial, $72,

health and wellness products for 2023
Credit: Clean Your Dirty Face

Bring a star-worthy salon straight to your door with the ultimate at-home resurfacing treatment.  Flash Facial offers a 2-in-1 AHA resurfacing mask with all the best ingredients proven to deliver wow-factor facial rejuvenation.

Flash Facial boasts pumpkin enzymes, ginger root, and cinnamon bark.  This outstanding facial treatment effectively cleanses, brightens, and polishes even the neediest complexions!

Clean Your Dirty Face’s Flash Facial’s gentle yet powerful formulation is used professionally and at home.  #Smitten!

5. Jane Scrivner Circadian Vit. C Paste, Encapsulated Optimised Overnight Repair, £55 (30ml),

happy new year with the health and wellbeing products of your dreams
Credit: Jane Scrivner

When it comes to skincare, health and wellness, there’s one person you can count on for advice.  The book (and detox programme) Detox Yourself, by Jane Scrivner, launched in 2018, and we’ve been hooked ever since. 

Picture fast repair, restoration, rejuvenation, and complexion of undeniable radiance! This naturally-sourced overnight repair treatment comes jam-packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, specifically formulated to provide transformational skin support.  Jane Scrivner’s powerful time-release repair paste enables the included vitamins B, C and E to beaver away throughout the night, ensuring that you look and feel amazing by morning.

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