Do these late night Google searches look disturbingly familiar?

Do These Late-Night Google Searches Look Disturbingly Familiar?

Late nights and 3-hour sleep patterns have become all too familiar for me. Somehow, I’ve become a senior 3 am Google Search club member, where bloodshot eyes and useless information are commonplace. And I’m not alone. It seems that late-night Google searches are the new black.

On the one hand, it is comforting to know that realising I am, in fact, not the only person in the world still scrolling through Google at crazy 0’clock for answers to ridiculous questions. But then, it’s mildly disturbing to know my search page is identical to millions of other like-minded, self-sabotaging, sleep-deprived zombies. 

Do These Night-Time Google Searches Look Familiar?

Do these late night Google searches look disturbingly familiar?
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If you’d like to see how your late-night Google searches compare, the Body Shop can help. A study conducted by this globally-loved brand revealed some stark truths about our night-time habits. If these searches seem familiar, don’t panic. We already have too many conspiracy theories (looking at you, flat Earth society). 

Also, The Body Shop provide some fast solutions for this UK epidemic. They actioned help from sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley. Together, they offer expert advice for perfecting your sleep (or lack thereof) routine. So, you will feel a little less Ker-aazy and a little more zen.

Discover The UK’s Top 10 Late-Night Google Searches And Neil Stanley’s Top Tips For Catching More Zzzs.

The Body Shop’s Report: 12/01/23. The researchers analysed Google searches between 10 pm-5 am. The data is of the Uk’s most searched-for terms during the night. Data volume spans one year.

This information can also be found at

The UK’s Top Google Searches During The Night, Courtesy Of The Body Shop

1. How To Delete An Instagram Account: 3,227,000, 3:16 am.

Do these late-night google searches look familiar?
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I am not alone in my Instagram dilemma, either. Due to one case of an outdated account and 3 cases of troll-inflicted fake accounts, I cannot remove several Instagram profiles. Alas, without a password, I cannot access these accounts to delete them. This is a predicament I have come to accept.  Apart from the occasional late-night feelings of outrage, where I find myself (yet again) searching for some resolution to this insane problem. 

2. Searches For Ghosts, 1,737,000: 1:32 am

Do these late-night google searches seem familiar?

And I thought my Zak Bagans obsession had just got the better of me. I am living as a single mum; hence, trying to sleep after a Ghost Adventures marathon is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. Cue freaking out for two hours straight because the boiler clicks on.

3. Night-Time Browsing For Cheap Holidays, 1,590,100: 1:38 am

night time google search for holidays
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Okay, so this one isn’t so weird. We’re bloody exhausted and clearly in desperate need of a holiday. However, it is a tad odd to lose sleep due to searching for cheap getaway deals you have no intention of buying. Why not?  Because you are too tired to make a sound decision.

4. Googling Anxiety, 1,306,000, 3:48 am

There’s no doubt the Brits are an anxious bunch. That said, note this timestamp, and things get a little clearer. If you are awake at nearly 4 am, you know the next twelve hours will be painful. 

5. Google Searches On Blood Pressure, 1,183,500: 5 am

Um, if you are one of the people Googling anxiety at 4 am, it’s likely that by 5 am, blood pressure is a consideration.

6. Late-Night Snacking – How To Make Pancakes: 1,073,000: 3:40 am

are you looking up these search terms at night?
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Now, I like a pancake as much as the next guy – but I will have to attribute this night-time search revelation to the fact that there are far too many people with an attack of the munchies.

7. Searching The Topic Of Finance: 1,036,500: 4:28 am

As the UK continues to battle the cost-of-living crisis, it’s no wonder we are looking for comfort in pancake recipes and scouring the Internet for a financial miracle when we should be asleep.

8. Who Is The Richest Man In The World? 4:36 am

what these searched-for terms reveal
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Well, if we could dream, we would. I’m pretty sure that further research would reveal a plethora of searches for creating a vision board. 

9. Late-Night Google Searches On Insomnia, 943,500, 4:04 am

night-time search terms seem similar?


10. Night-Time Concerns About Cancer, 807,000: 3:16 am

This a sad reminder of how prevalent Cancer has become.

Don’t worry; help is at hand. Here are Dr. Neil Stanley’s top tips to regain a good night’s slumber. Before long, you will feel well-rested and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Dr. Neil Stanley states:

“Sleeping isn’t about living longer; it’s about living better. One poor night’s sleep can increase your likelihood of catching the common cold by four times the next day. The first thing that is compromised is your immune system.”

“There are really only three things you need to do to achieve a better night’s sleep.”

Dr. Neil Stanley’s 3 Top Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep, Courtesy of The Body Shop and Dr. Neil Stanley:

“1. A bedroom conducive to sleep – create a sleep-inducing bedroom by removing all technology and screens. Buy yourself an alarm clock and keep your phone out of your room at night. Go to bed with the idea of going to sleep.”

“2. A quiet mind-winding down is key, whether that’s camomile tea, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, or something else. Try not to sabotage your sleep with the negative thought of ‘I must get to sleep’.”

“3. A relaxed body – similar to the point above, winding down will prepare your body for sleep. A relaxed body means a normal heart rate and taking control of your breathing. You need to drop one degree of body temperature to get a good night’s sleep, so you can’t do anything to increase your heart rate before bed.”

“If you don’t prioritise sleep and see it as important, you aren’t going to do any of the other things. You must put your phone down.” 

Credits: Research by The Body Shop / https://www./

Expert advice and top tips by Sleep Expert Dr. Neil Stanley.

For more information about the Nighttime Search Habits report, visit:

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