Introducing the future of hair drying and styling with shark flexstyle

Introducing The Future Of Hair Drying And Styling With Shark’s FlexStyle

Time is precious – and sleep – even more so (especially when the alarm sirens force you out of your snug, warm bed at 6 am). We all want to leave the house with gorgeous salon-worthy hair.  But, seriously, who is dedicated enough to get up at stupid hours to achieve hair perfection each day?  If this sounds familiar, you will love the latest hair drying and styling system to hit the market.  Let us introduce Shark’s new FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer 

Shark’s FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer, In Chic, New Stone Colour

Introducing the future of hair drying and styling with Shark's FlexStyle


Unless you’ve been in a coma for years, you will have heard of Shark. This company found stardom from their ground-breaking vacuum cleaners (not literally!)  Shark turned their genius to revolutionising hair drying and heat styling gadgets. They literally transformed the market, making floor and carpet cleaning so seamless that even the most hoover-phobic will find cleaning enjoyable.  And what did Shark do when we were all staring in dizzying amazement at our immaculate homes? 

What Makes Shark’s New FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer A Cut Above The Rest?

Welcome the new way to style your hair with sharkclean

Shark acknowledged the two major pain points that thwart creating beautiful locks.  These obstacles centre around potential heat damage and the time it takes for that salon-worthy finish.  The multi-tasking FlexStyle solves all your hair drying and styling woes and offers you the guarantee of achieving luscious locks daily. 

Featuring advanced Coanda technology, this hair drying system offers perfect multi-styling results with zero heat damage and in a fraction of the time.  Oh, and did we mention this clever device is ideal for any hair type?

The Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer: What’s In The Box?

Introducing the future of hair drying and styling with shark's flexstyle
  • Auto-Wrap Curlers – Introducing hair curling transformation with Shark’s Coanda Technology.  Experience automatic curling, wrapping and setting.  Boasting two curler attachments that enable curling in both directions, achieving curls of perfection in seconds.  Ideal for straight and wavy hair types.
  • Oval Brush – This is the brush for those looking to add bounce and volume.  Made from boar and nylon bristles, this styler amps up the smoothness and shine, eliminating all traces of frizz.  Great for straight, wavy, curly and coily hair.
  • Paddle Brush – Read on if you yearn for Jennifer Aniston’s straight and sleek locks.  Shark’s Paddle Brush creates the exact amount of tension to promote the straightest, sleekest, and smoothest results.  Better yet, it does this in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.
  • Styling Concentrator – Fancy a blowdry that creates ultimate hairstyles and next-level smoothness in seconds.  No problem.  Shark’s rotating nozzle allows superior styling from all angles, and the Concentrator works on every hair type too!
  • Curl-Defining Diffuser – This diffuser is specifically designed to enhance your natural curls.  Expect effortless lifting, drying and styling from root to tip.  Create added definition with the extendable prongs.  Best for naturally curly /coily hair. 

Benefits Of Use


  • 5 Ways To Style – Curl, define, smooth, Straighten and volumise.
  • Save Time (And Your Hair) – Styles while you dry with no heat damage!
  • Ideal For Every Hair Type – Super-fast drying, rotates from dryer mode to providing outstanding multi-stying abilities in seconds. 5-in-1 styling wand.
  • Salon-Worthy Results At Home – Expect less frizz and smoother, shinier hair.
  • Includes Auto-Wrap Curlers, Paddle Brush, Oval Brush, Concentrator & Diffuser.
  • Brand New Stone Colour Design.


Introducing the future of hair drying and styling with shark flexstyle


  • Style While You Dry Without Any Heat Damage – Shark’s FlexStyle technology measures heat 1,000 times per second. This ensures consistent air temperatures and eliminates the risk of heat damage.  Featuring three heat and airflow settings, the FlexStyle gives you total control.
  • Super-Fast Drying Capabilities – Don’t be fooled by the FlexStyle’s lightweight and sleek design.  It provides a powerful drying performance that is so fast you may question whether you even washed it.  Simply rough dry to remove excess moisture, then add your fave styling attachment.  Et voila!
  • Lightweight – It’s so refreshing to use such a light hair-drying system.  The Shark doesn’t just look sleek – it weighs under 700g, and its compact design makes the FlexStyle your ideal travel partner.
  • Create Salon-Worthy Locks At Home –This innovative drying and styling system achieves super glamorous hair in seconds.  Make sure you blast your hair with the Cool Shot to set your look further.  Check out the included Hair Styling Guide for hair styling inspo and tips.
  • Hair Transformation And A Two-Year Guarantee.


Introducing the future of hair drying and styling with Sharks flexstyle
  • Others In Your Household May Attempt To Steal It.


discover flexstyle concentrator

Shark’s Air Styler & Hair Dryer realises every hair goal – and delivers exceptional results.  We tested and were seriously impressed by the FlexStyle.  This clever kit offers next-level drying and styling capabilities and ensures your hair looks fantastic every single day.  Once you’ve tried the new Shark FlexStyle, no other hair dryer or styler will compare. 

The best bit?  The easiest, fastest route to hair perfection.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve repeatedly hit the snooze button and have five minutes to dry and style.  If time is of the essence (when the HELL isn’t it?), and achieving hair goals is a daily fail, you need this in your life!  Think of the FlexStyle as Sonic’s best bud.


The Shark FlexStyle Air Styler & Hair Dryer costs £279.99 and is available to buy at

For further information, visit

Please Note – This product does not include a Storage Case.

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