Valentine's Day beauty must-haves to make you dazzle

BPerfect On Valentine’s Day: Must-Haves To Make You Dazzle

The much-celebrated night of romance is just around the corner. Get inspired with our Valentine’s Day edit. The following beauty must-haves will make you a dazzling object of desire for a long time. Read on for makeup that creates a sensation.

Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Best beauty products for romance ekin su and beperfect
Credit: BPerfect

Ensure you spend Valentine’s Day focusing on love and romance instead of reapplying blah makeup and sticking your inner eyelash back down. Discover BPerfect x Ekin-Su’s new collection and be amazed.

The Perfect Collab: BPerfect x Ekin-Su

BPerfect on Valentine's Day: Must-Haves to make you dazzle
Credit: BPerfect

BPerfect teamed up with the beautiful Love Island star, Ekin-Su Culculoglu. The celebrity wore BPerfect beauty products throughout her time on Love Island. Her complexion and makeup were to die for each time she graced our screens. #Jealous! We can agree BPerfect works for Ekin-Su; perhaps there’s hope for us mortals. 

Together, Ekin-Su and BPerfect have launched four iconic makeup must-haves to make you dazzle this Valentine’s Day. Warning: these beauty items take gorgeousness to a whole new level! Make sure you’re really into your date before trying them out!

1.Be Confident, Be Fearless: BPerfect x Ekin-Su Radiant Glow Skin Perfector, £19.95,

Bperfect on valentine's Day: beauty must-haves to make you dazzle
Credit: BPerfect

Incredibly lightweight, utterly pampering and insanely effective at delivering flawless results. Consequently, this skin perfector is sheer dreamy pleasure, bottled.  Because the unique formula combines everything your skin needs to achieve a wow-factor complexion that stays put (even in the throws of passion). Including light-reflecting particles and proven skin-optimising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and Camellia Oil. Expect many, many compliments.

The Radiant Glow Skin Perfector is a true multitasking hero and an essential makeup product for date night. Use this to seamlessly create a natural-looking glow. Alternatively, you can apply it as a primer or highlighter. Why not add it to your fave moisturiser for some all-day-long radiance?

2. BPerfect x Ekin-Su Half-Lash Collection, £16.95,

BPerfect on Valentine's Day: Beauty must-haves to make you dazzle
Credit: BPerfect

Feast your eyes on the Ekin-Su Half-Lash Collection. Discover three pairs of gorgeous lashes to complete your look and sign you off as utterly stunning. Choose your fave, apply, and begin the take-down.

3. Face & Eyeshadow Must-Have: BPerfect x Ekin-Su Fearless Face & Eye Palette, £29.95,

makeup essentials - must-haves forValentine's Day
Credit: BPerfect

Next, direct your gaze to this Face & Eye Palette. Because once you use it, all eyes will be on you. The multitasking palette is your go-to for quickly achieving unrivalled makeup goals. Containing an irresistible powder blusher, bronzer, and highlighter, along with three multi-use velvet matte shadows, an evening of seduction awaits. A night of passion on Valentine’s Day – we think so!

4. Seamless Application: BPerfect x Ekin-Su Mini Empress Brush, £9.95,

mini brush makeup tool for dazzling on valentines day
Credit: BPerfect

Lastly, check out the Mini Empress Brush. A good brush determines whether the finish is satisfactory or stunning in the makeup application process, even though it is often overlooked. So, use this one and enjoy a seamless application every time. This flat-topped luxury kabuki brush is a beauty must-have for anyone’s makeup bag and is guaranteed to save you precious date-night time. The must-have beauty tool is flawless in applying all liquid, cream and powder products. 

Apply, feel great and enjoy the evening!

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