wrap up dark skincare days with the help of Nurse JAmie's Face Wrap

Start The New Year With Amazing Skin: Courtesy Of Nurse Jamie

Having great skin gives us the happy vibes, fact. Starting the new year with great skin however, may feel unlikely for most. Alas, long-term mask wearing, stress, and the extreme weather combo has made a beautiful complexion almost impossible to achieve. Even the most snow-white skin types among us seem to be struggling to keep their usually radiant complexion up to par. While some may say this is not a huge priority in the great scheme of things, it actually carries great importance. Looking good makes us feel good. and well-being is essential for overcoming any (other) crap life may have planned.

Fortunately, there are new and innovative beauty devices out there ready to take on our skincare challenges. Nurse Jamie has created a range of seriously impressive, award-winning gadgets. Commencing the new year with an amazing complexion is now surprisingly easy. Her skincare tools are simple, easy-to-use and affordable. So much so, you are left doubtful at their potential effectiveness.

We were a little apprehensive at how her beauty devices could truly transform our dull and generally exhausted, fraught faces. After reviewing Nurse Jamie’s rejuvenating gadgets, we are totally hooked. Her skincare tools offer next generation capabilities. Delivering a super-fast turnaround with minimal fuss, we understand why Nurse Jamie has won multiple awards. Read on to learn all the must-know facts about her outstanding collection of skincare devices. Bag yourself one of these beauties. Revive your beautiful complexion, and begin the new year with a smile.

1. Amazing Skincare Product #1: Nurse Jamie Face Wrap, £25, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

start new amazing skin nurse jamie
Credit: Nurse Jamie

You really can start the new year with an oh-so dreamy complexion. Nurse Jamie’s knowledge, ability and game-changing skincare tools has attracted global attention. Her Face Wrap is one of the key treatments she provides for her A-lister clientele.

This wrap is designed with the purpose of transforming dry and dull skin types. Formulated with medical-grade silicone, this material enables your skincare actives to deeply penetrate the skin. Expect super-optimal results, locked in moisture, and ultimate luminosity. Better yet, the wrap can be reused for up to 20 times!

2. Skin Rejuvenation Tool #2: Nurse Jamie Beauty Blade Deep Massaging Tool, £48, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

start the new year with amazing skin courtesy of nurse jamie
Credit: Nurse Jamie

The Beauty Blade temporarily delivers incredible anti-aging results. This handy travel-friendly gadget is the perfect size for your purse. Consequently, you can top up your rejuvenation wherever you may be. The tool is fully customized with innovative curves. These fit perfectly into the contours of your face and body. Its purpose is to trigger skin cell turnover and significantly boost circulation – and wow, it is good. The clever device ensures your skin gets an immediate upgrade. The results are optimal skin health and functioning. Furthermore, your favourite skincare ingredients are fully absorbed. Welcome back, amazing skin!

3. Incredible Skincare Innovation #3: Nurse Jamie Beauty BearAge Delay Pillow (Memory Foam Edition), £64, www.cultbeauty.co.uk

begin the new year with amazing skin courtesy of nurse jamie
Credit: Nurse Jamie

While there is nothing so luxury as placing your face on a silky pillow, it doesn’t guarantee a flawless night’s sleep. The problem is that we move. Some of us move a lot. Making sure crease lines aren’t ingrained your cheeks by the morning can feel like a full time job in itself! Behold, Nurse Jamie’s solution.

The Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow is designed to put this issue to bed (sorry, not sorry). The pillow’s U-shape feature ensures perfect positioning for your face and neck. The Beauty Bear effectively thwarts any threat of wrinkle-forming creases. So, lie down on this silky-satin pillow and drift off in utter comfort. Enjoy the most gorgeous, rejuvenating night’s sleep ever! After one sleep you’ll understand why this is a best-seller. We love!

Wishing all our lovely readers a healthy and happy new year.

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